Smart Meters could leave British Homes Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Cultocracy note :

It appears that smart meters are not that smart after all .

Even the spooks are spooked .

If you have fallen for the spiel and have had a smart meter fitted , make sure you have some candles in the cupboard , also a fire extinguisher .

It should be note that in 2016 the spooks ‘intervened’ to save the smart meter system from a potential ‘mass hack’ .

Possibly the same group from the 5 Eyes crime syndicate that ‘intervened’ over at chip maker intel .


From the Daily Mail – March 2016

GCHQ steps in over fear £11bn smart meters being installed in millions of homes may be HACKED – leading to gas supplies being cut off

  • Smart meters use a 12-year battery but there are concerns these could fail 
  • GCHQ fear hackers could turn off UK’s energy supply or ‘blow things up’
  • Experts are concentrating on ensuring whole system cannot be shut down
  • Research shows that meters make no difference to gas and electricity use

Read the full article here at the Daily Mail

From the Mail on Sunday – February 2018

We spy trouble: Even GCHQ is worried about smart meters say experts who fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

  • Experts warn of dire consequences if hackers gain access to smart meters
  • Fear that hackers could cut off energy supplies and break into other gadgets
  • GCHQ, it is believed, has also raised concerns over the security of smart meters 
  • Security issues blamed for SMETS 2 smart meters being three years overdue

Read the full article here at the Mail on Sunday

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2 Responses to Smart Meters could leave British Homes Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

  1. truth1 says:

    I think they designed them to be vulnerable so that they can claim “terrorists did it!” and indeed, they are terrorists, but they are our terrorists who wield power over us. A lot like a false flag faked event.


    • cultocracy says:

      Good point truth1 . There is an inordinate amount of interest regarding the electricity supply grid from our very own state sponsored terrorists . For some reason they are starting to regret selling off the utilities , particularly the electricity supply infrastructure .


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