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Cultocracy note :

Connect the dots in the following articles .


Cultocracy note :

The following article in wired.com talks about ‘targeted individuals’ (TI’s) and is appropriately titled ‘Mind Games’ . The article is ambiguous in it’s style , are TI’s crazy ? Or are they speaking the truth ?

One interesting point , at the end of the article is a video titled ‘Ever Trip Too Long on Acid ?

Expect more articles similar to this one to magically appear in the MSM .

From wired.com

Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’

Thousands of people think that the government is using implanted chips and electronic beams to control their minds. They are desperate to prove they aren’t delusional.

Every morning, Liza wakes up and remembers that she’s been tortured. When she looks down at her hands, she can see slightly raised bumps where she believes she’s been implanted with microchips. She is certain that the chips track her every move, that her family has been programmed not to listen to her. She knows that her mind had been pushed to the limits of human endurance (“the most pain you could put on a person before they die”). The targeting, the rewiring of her brain, is so extreme that she can no longer even cry.Liza is 56, a thin, wiry woman with elf-like ears and bright eyes, an artist who grew up in the Rocky Mountains. She worked at Microsoft for 10 years and started her own web development company with her partner before the electronic attacks, the stalking, and the surveillance began. She knew it had to be some form of technology attacking her—she’d worked in the technology industry for more than a decade. She knew what it was capable of.When she sought help, a hospital committed her to a 10-day hold in the mental ward, teaching her how to calm her racing heart without addressing the technology that Liza believed was causing it. When she was released she found answers to her questions online. There was “an encyclopedia of information,” she says, a whole new vocabulary to help explain what she’d experienced: gangstalking, brain computer interface, psychotronics. “I felt really thankful,” she says. “I felt like I was opening up this crack into a whole new universe.”Liza, who asked for her name to be changed, fearing retribution from the person or group behind her targeting, learned that she was one of thousands of people who identify themselves as “targeted individuals”: a victim of human experiments, tracked and stalked and harassed by remote electronic weapons. There were others who understood her plight, and together they could try to take action, fight back, and maybe, find some relief.

I’d first heard about the TI community last summer while researching an article about RFID chips—those rice-grain sized devices that can be implanted beneath the skin and used to unlock laptops and doors.

Few people know as much about RFID chips as a biohacker named Amal Graafstra.

He pointed out logical fallacies in their beliefs, including the technical impossibility of chip implants capable of tracking an individual: A GPS microchip would have the same energy demands and battery problems as a smartphone, and while researchers are experimenting with implants that might help treat neurodegenerative diseases or link prosthetics to neural pathways, even the most advanced technology can’t make someone hear voices or experience a different reality. But his logical appeals rarely mattered — the people on the other end had already made up their minds.

In the weeks leading up to the Hope and Unity Conference, I’d spoken to a few TIs over the phone myself, and I encountered the same certainty and desperation as Graafstra.

Read the full article here at wired.com

Cultocracy note :

If you have read the full article above you may also be undecided as to whether the ‘TI’s’ are telling the truth or whether they are crazy and delusional , or like most people maybe you just do not care either way . To this end I can point you towards another series of articles regarding US radio host Tom Bauerle , Tom works at WBEN , Buffalo , New York .

Apparently Tom Bauerle is a straight talker and was ‘targeted’ after ‘saying something’ on his radio show .

Bauerle obviously has a lot of friends , a group of mainly ex-military types helped him to unravel the mystery relating to ‘strange happenings’ regarding himself and family members . Bauerle first had to endure a concerted programme of gaslighting , in essence this type of attack is designed to make a person behave like they are insane .

This was followed by a period of intense surveillance and harassment utilizing ‘exotic’ weaponry .

With the help of his friends , Bauerle managed to vindicate himself and stop the attacks , he reached an out of court settlement with the groups involved , although this was coupled with a gagging order .

Coincidentally the ‘agencies’ involved contacted Tom Beaurle just before he was due to give a press conference related to the findings from his own investigation .

To quote Tom Bauerle himself (from a Canada Free Press article) :

“I noticed a certain vehicle was frequently around my neighborhood, and around me in traffic but at different places and times of the day. Well, that was the Rosetta Stone. The car was registered to an individual very high up in the food chain at a university/entity that is heavily involved in research in defense technology. After that break, numerous vehicles repeatedly seen in the neighborhood and around me in traffic in different places and different times of day were found to link back to that university and several other entities. So, that really was huge and the rest of 2015 and early 2016 ‘Team Bauerle’ did an amazing job putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

“We also obtained photos and videos that irrefutably confirmed that I was under very high-tech surveillance and that it was a MASSIVE PROJECT.”

By the Spring of 2016, we had put most of the puzzle together and I was going to hold a news conference with members of my team and ask for a federal civil rights investigation.

It’s pretty funny, because in the end my guys had turned the tables and were now conducting surveillance on the people watching me, so we had them stone cold.”

“Look. The students doing this research are brilliant. They’re assets to the country. I didn’t even want them disciplined, because supposedly this research involving me as an unwitting guinea pig was not sanctioned by the institutions. To place what I learned about the technology and how I beat it into evidence at trial would have potentially put our military and intelligence people at risk. In a nutshell, it is invisibility technology, which is also known as non-linear optics and adaptive camouflage. They were also testing holographic technology. That is why I would see ‘people,’ but there were no footprints. That is open-source info and one name for it is ‘Phantom Bogey Technology.’ The specifics I experienced I cannot and would not discuss not just because of the non-disclosure clauses, but because I love my country.”

So what is the truth behind what Bauerle was seeing around his residence?

“Graduate university students and people from certain entities, conducting supposedly ‘unauthorized’ research on state of the art cover and concealment technology, including invisibility techniques, such as non-linear optics, electronic cloaking and what is known in defense circles as ‘Phantom Bogey’ technology.”

Read the full article and related articles below .


I don’t think we will ever know for sure why Tom Beaurle was targeted , although the ‘research’ does appear to have taken it’s toll on his health .

Perhaps we should ask the ‘research students’ who where trialling ‘experimental and classified technology’ .

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