Britain’s secret Deep State with ex-spies and lobbyists the ones really running the country


Britain’s secret Deep State with ex-spies and lobbyists the ones really running the country

Lewis Panther –

The Government ’s majority has been reduced to a handful of seats in Westminster following last year’s snap General Election.

Political heavyweights are circling the PM just waiting for a chance to make their move.

It might seem like a crisis. But for another breed of political movers and shakers, it’s just like any other day at the office.

For the worldly career civil servants, the leaders of political parties and governments come and go – they’re easily replaced every few years – and they might be the ones who’ll need to get rid of them.

Because they’re in the army of globetrotting unelected, highly-paid bureaucrats and lobbyists lurking in the shadows who are the real big hitters.

The former spies and Whitehall mandarins – or Civil Service officials – are the ones pulling the strings on multi-million-pound government deals with multi-nationals, military contractors and pharmaceutical firms.

Their stomping ground isn’t the hustings or the press conference, but a dimly lit restaurant, or a meeting on a private airfield away from prying eyes.

All this is no shock to author Mike Lofgren, a Capitol Hill staffer who started out under Ronald Reagan , and whose book The Deep State paints a picture of all-out corruption in the corridors of power.

And while his expose is about the US and the abuse of the Constitution, he believes these same abuses occur in governments across the world, including Britain.

Lofgren says it’s not that different in the UK with the additional frightening element that we’re in the pocket of the US – the 52nd State.

He says: “With respect to Britain, one of the things that jumped out at me was the NSA giving at least £100m in a year to GCHQ in Cheltenham.

“It is as if they were some third world country that needs special forces trainers amongst their tribal militias.”

Lofgren denies the Deep State is some sort of conspiracy though. He says it’s there in plain sight.

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