Winter Olympics Doping & Fancy Bears


Winter Olympics Pyeongchang – Five Circles that you can see through

The 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea was a fine sporting spectacle . Overshadowed slightly by several doping ‘scandals’ , as far as I can tell there were four athletes who failed dope tests at the 2018 Winter Olympics , two Russians , One Czech national and one athlete from Japan . It should be noted that the Japanese athlete failed a pre-competition dope test .

Ok , speed skaters , hockey players , bob sledders , maybe these athletes would be tempted to take ‘medication’ to aid performance in their respective sports .

But what about curling ?

The Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky failed a dope test after winning bronze in the mixed doubles curling event . It made the headlines in newspapers around the world . The dope test found traces of meldonium , the substance was placed on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned list in 2016 .

You have to ask whether Alexander Krushelnitsky was stupid or naive , or both . Surely he must have known that Russian athletes would face increased scrutiny at the games ? He must have also known that nearly every athlete that wins a medal faces a possible dope test . It is possible that he also assumed that a relatively sedate sport such as curling would slip under the radar .

It should be noted that both Russian athletes who failed dope tests at the Winter Olympics claimed that they did not take the banned substances , but then again they probably would say that . Would a sporting rival spike an athlete ? You would like to think not .

The I.O.C (International Olympic Committee) apparently came under pressure for having the nerve to allow any Russian athlete to compete in the games at all .

I must admit , I myself thought there was something very fishy about the curlers dope test , other commentators agree .

You would realistically think that the spooks would have better things to do , but unfortunately sport and politics are entwined so it is a possibility that somebody representing a ‘rival’ state would do this , probably just for a laugh if anything else . These types of people tend to tag onto any major sporting event , in fact they tend to tag onto any event at all where there is a chance of a free holiday , free food , free booze and free anything , maybe they really do not have anything better to do .

Other Events


It has also been suggested that Russian state sponsored hackers with a beef against W.A.D.A (the World Anti Doping Agency) hacked the Olympic Committee and the doping body email accounts .

Again , you would think that any governing body of any super power would have better things to do . The hacks could have been any Russian hacker(s) , or any other hacker outfit from anywhere in the world .

Certain MSM sources stated that the hackers were directly linked to Russian PM Vladimir Putin himself , in fact he was the one who issued the orders , in revenge for the IOC banning the Russian team from the Winter Olympics . As usual the sources for this information were vague , but why let this trivial fact get in the way of a good headline and a bit of fake news .

Apparently the Fancy Bears have been hard at work in recent years , hacking everything in sight . Note the group are named Fancy BEARS , not fancy deer or fancy foxes , but Fancy BEARS . Quite obviously Russian , a dead give away if ever there was one .

The Fancy Bears targeted that hallowed home of pedophilia and establishment mouthpieces , the BBC .

  • Fancy Bear hackers were foiled by GCHQ from taking down the BBC
  • The Kremlin-supported cyber-gang also wanted to hack government sites
  • The Russian hackers had earlier crashed 11 French television stations 
  • Experts at GCHQ advised the BBC on how to improve their cyber security 

As indicated above those belligerent bears are not happy with just hacking , apparently they ALMOST DESTROYED France’s TV5 network , that would have been catastrophic .

Sources in the US administration were convinced the Bears were trying to influence the French (s)election , so it must be true . Those bad , bad , baaad Bears .

The Bears also targeted other UK TV stations including C4 , Sky & ITV .

Those bad men at the Kremlin were thwarted though , by the good guys at the Doughnut . Thank God for these saints and purveyors of truth and justice , I just hope that they placed some good ‘anti Bear hacking’ software on the TV stations infrastructure at the same time .

It was said that the Bears planned to disrupt the previous UK (s)election .

Thank God that never happened , the tireless crusaders of video gaming at the Doughnut thwarted the dastardly deed by “deploying a capability to protect government networks” .

DNC Hacking

Those nasty bears have also been trying to hack and influence the previous US (s)election .

Although many commentators are skeptical that the DNC hackers were actually bears , some people have suggested that the hackers may well have been lions , or even eagles .

It has been suggested that the FBI failed to warn many targets of the Fancy Bears hacking attempts , this seems to be a recurring theme with the FBI .

  1. Most Fancy Bear hacking targets weren’t warned by FBI

It doesn’t end there


Putin – A bit like NEO , but better

It has also been sensationally reported that Russia actually hacked the Winter Olympics , well to be precise , they hacked computers used in the opening ceremony . Not only that , but they tried to frame North Korea , thus sabotaging a possible thaw in Korean relations formed during the Winter Olympics . These bears are bad , rrreeeally bad .

The Bears get ‘Tooled Up’

Not content with destroying our favorite past times of sport and TV , those Bears were also thought to be moving into arms trafficking and terrorism . Those Bears make me ssoooo angry .

Good job they were thwarted , I reckon they were going to aim the ordnance at the Winter Olympics .


The very timely hacking attempts could have been ham fisted Russian sponsored   attempts at political trickery and subversion . They could also be placed at the door of mischievous twenty something teenagers , or in fact they could be placed anywhere .

The anti Russian narrative does seem be never ending .

High ranking Kremlin spokesperson Sergei Chopakokov was asked whether he thought that some of the the Fancy Bears hacks were actually a feeble attempt to implicate Russia in hacking attempts that actually originated much closer to home .

His response was :

Does a bear shitski in the woodski ?

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