Fresh row over mysterious sickness affecting US diplomats in Cuba


Interesting developments in the story about ‘sonic’ attacks on US ‘diplomats’ in Cuba . It would now seem that the incidents are being downplayed and a misinformation program is being conducted .

A recent Senate hearing also downplayed the idea of a directed energy weapon (DEW) attack , at least in public .

Laughably the symptoms suffered by the diplomats are now being reported in certain quarters as being caused by a virus or even a ‘mass psychogenic illness’ , a polite term for mass hysteria .

The initial medical reports found a variety of symptoms including :

  1. Memory problems
  2. Impaired concentration
  3. Irritability
  4. Nervousnes
  5. Dizziness
  6. Nausea
  7. Sleep problems
  8. Sensory issues

All of these point conclusively towards a D.E.W attack .

The big question is who were the perpetrators and why did they attack the diplomats .

There are two prime suspects according to the mainstream media , they are Cuba and or Russia . Cubans would not carry out the acts on their own soil , that is assuming they had the technological expertise in the first place .

Russia itself has nothing to gain by sabotaging US-Cuban relations .

Although it was reported that Russia planned to reopen a ‘spy base’ in Cuba , this was denied by Russia .

According to one report US officials were worried about the possible ‘dual use’ of such a base .

Of course there are certain parties who have a continued interest in propagating the tired and hackneyed ‘Russians did it’ narrative .

Another possibility is internicine conflict involving factions within the US security complex itself .

A theory which is not as ridiculous as it first seems .

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