AI Recreates Images From Human Brain EEG

Cultocracy note :

Regular science is catching up with the deep state Frankensteins . I am never sure whether publicly printed science papers represent a slow unveiling of the technology , in parallel to a small portion of the public who become more informed of how it is being perverted and misused .

This and similar technology has been researched in the bowels of deep state labs for decades , tried and tested on unsuspecting human guinea pigs . It is used primarily for intellectual property theft and to further the development of AI systems .

Remote EEG and fMRI capability is a reality .

What is never stated is how the software to develop the AI imaging system was developed in the first place .

Do you still think mass data collection is for our own protection ?

Ostensibly the media reports paint a different picture , helping the disabled and fighting crime .

There are now too many people who know differently .

The robot that can read your mind: Creepy Black Mirror-style machine scans your brain to recreate the face you’re thinking about

  • Test subjects were hooked up to EEG equipment and shown images of faces 
  • Their brain activity was recorded and then used to digitally recreate the image
  • This was done using a technique based on machine learning algorithms
  • The finding could give people who are unable to talk a means to communicate

Psychologists have create a creepy machine that can peer into your mind’s eye with incredible accuracy.

Their AI studies electrical signals in the brain to recreate faces being looked at by volunteers.

It could provide a means of communication for people who are unable to talk, as well as the development of prosthetics controlled by thoughts.

The finding also opens the door to strange future scenarios, such as those portrayed in the series ‘Black Mirror’, where anyone can record and playback their memories.

Test subjects were hooked up to electroencephalography (EEG) equipment by neuroscientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

This recorded their brain activity as they were shown images of faces. This information was then used to digitally recreate the image, using a specially designed piece of software.

The breakthrough relies on neural networks, computer systems which simulate the way the brain works in order to learn.

These networks can be trained to recognise patterns in information – including speech, text data, or visual images – and are the basis for a large number of the developments in artificial intelligence (AI) over recent years.

The team’s AI was first trained to recognise patterns in pictures of faces, by studying a huge database of images.

Read the full article here at the Daily Mail


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