SpaceX to launch internet satellites: Elon Musk’s mission to Connect Humanity begins

Cultocracy note :

Favored contractor to deep state agencies Elon Musk , plans to blanket the Earth with next generation ‘communications’ satellites . The original Iridium satellite constellation comprised 77 units , providing global coverage , these are due to be replaced .

They build ’em up , knock ’em down and then assimilate .




“The Iridium constellation was conceived in the late 1980s to improve communications at high Earth latitudes where services from Geostationary Satellites may not be available due to their low position in the sky. An early calculation showed that 77 satellites would be needed to achieve full global coverage and the project was named Iridium for the metal with atomic number 77 (with 77 electrons circling the nucleus, representative of the constellation around Earth).

Development of the Iridium system – comprising the space segment and customer terminals – was handled by Motorola with Lockheed Martin contracted to build the satellites.

In September 2009, the company merged with GHQ, a special purpose acquisition company, to form Iridium Communications, Inc.

Built by Thales Alenia Space and assembled by Orbital ATK, the primary satellites of the Iridium-NEXT constellation will launch atop seven SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets…..”

Cultocracy note :

Thales is a massive global defense and aerospace contractor , the company has forged very cozy relationships with BAE Systems , Raytheon and Northrop Grumman amongst others .


Orbital ATK was absorbed by Northrop Grumman in 2017 .

The merchants of terror and tyranny are ring fencing the directed energy weapons (DEW) market .

These companies have been quietly merging with cellular communications companies for decades .


Continued from

“The heart of the Iridium-NEXT communications terminal is an L-Band phased array antenna installed on the spacecraft’s Earth-facing panel and generating 48 transmit/receive beams for communication with user terminals.

The phased array antenna creates a 4,700-Kilometer footprint area on Earth with a cellular pattern from where communications with a particular satellite is possible. Each antenna consists of a dedicated antenna control unit inside the spacecraft body, a beamforming network, and 168 transmit and receive modules.

……enabling a large infrastructure of Earth-monitoring payloads to be established at minimum cost. Each satellite can accommodate a hosted payload of 54 Kilograms……”


“The Iridium hosted payload program has been designed for a variety of sensors such as atmospheric monitors, altimeters for monitoring of sea surface, waves & ice, radiometers for a global measurement of Earth’s radiation budget, multispectral imagers for environmental monitoring, fire detection systems, specific sensors for observation of polar ice or cloud motion vectors.

Data from the hosted payloads is made available to operators in near-real time, traveling along the global net of inter-satellite links before arriving on a ground-based gateway from where the data is relayed to the instrument operators via terrestrial networks like the Internet.”

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