Army Yanks ‘Voice-To-Skull Devices’ Site

There are many skeptics regarding voice to skull (V2K) audio transmission , which is not surprising seeing as the technology is kept under wraps and is supported by a massive media blackout and disinformation campaign . Although it is surprising regarding the fact that V2K is old technology .

Modern variants of V2K technology are jealously guarded and forms the backbone of current ‘intelligence’ trade craft , you can probably imagine how the sodomites and sadists collectively known as the ‘intelligence services’ could abuse and pervert the technology .

The article below appeared at in 2008 and illustrates how information is suppressed and hidden from the public .

The web page singled out in the above article was found at US army Combined Arms Center (CAC) , specifically the section of the site relating to Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) . The CAC is self described as the ‘intellectual’ branch of the US Army .

The web page referring to V2K was pulled in 2008 , sharp sighted web users made hard copies though :

The web page has also been archived by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) :

The technology is used for harassment , neural experimentation and soft kill operations , primarily aimed at domestic targets , the aim is to debilitate & degrade the target which leads to confusion and fear , in simplistic terms it is psychological torture . The physical effects of non ionizing radiation are also well documented and can lead to debilitating chronic disease such as cancer , neural disease such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons and a wide variety of autoimmune disease .

It is now far more advanced than most people realize , the technology is now widely used in the development of artificial intelligence systems (AI) and machine learning .

The V2K technology is often coupled with more traditional and direct harassment techniques including burglary with the theft of personal items , vandalism and physical violence .

Mercenary crime gangs contracted to the ‘intelligence’ services are the main players , they will become targets themselves . Often these gangs act as a smoke screen for the development of more advanced cutting edge systems .

Modern systems combine remote RADAR , LIDAR , microwave phased arrays and satellite technology along with other aerial platforms to the same effect , they can operate on simultaneous multiple frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum .


Always make hard copies of any information you find useful .

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2 Responses to Army Yanks ‘Voice-To-Skull Devices’ Site

  1. Lisa Wagner says:

    about gangstalking¨we do have legislation punishing “stalking”. Can anyone explain why and how there is no outrage against “secret intelligence agencies” that are hiring gang stalkers _ ?
    secret private intelligence is CRIME. there is no two ways about that.
    How come there is no global outrage against them, like for instance it was in the Harvey Weinstein case?
    Governements NEED TO TAKE ACTION !


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello Lisa , ‘gang stalking’ is a small part of a much larger programme of societal control involving mass surveillance , racketeering , torture and murder . Essentially ‘gang stalking’ pits one citizen against another citizen , the ultimate divide and control ruse . Many of the actual ‘stalkers’ will be completely unaware that they are used in this manner , others are mercenary types and are on a tight leash . The whole system utilizes secretive military grade technology which is closely guarded . In the UK the visible government does not wield any real power , many politicians know about the systems that are in place . The real power is supranational , think NATO , Five Eyes , the Crown etc. It is sold to the political establishment under the guise of controlling crime , state security etc. Of course the establishment needs endless fabricated enemies and ‘terror attacks’ to justify their criminal behavior , not to mention the expense . Only increased education regarding the criminal activity perpetrated by these ‘agencies’ on behalf of their paymasters will stop the rot . Many aspects of the ‘programme’ , specifically torture and direct neural conditioning are now automated , plausible deniability .


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