New blow to Spy Smears as German authorities reveal there isn’t a Stasi file on Jeremy Corbyn


In a bid to keep what Andrew Marr called a “rather thin” story on Jeremy Corbyn going in recent days, the right-wing press has resorted to demanding that the Labour leader release his Stasi file:

  • A Daily Mail journalist asked Corbyn yesterday to “give permission for your Stasi file to be released to help clear things up.”

  • A spokesman for the Sun has urged him to “open up the Stasi file kept on him that he has so far been content to leave in storage.”

  • The Telegraph has reported that the Labour leader is “under mounting pressure to authorise the release of Cold War files kept on him by the Stasi.”

  • And today’s Daily Mail editorial says he should demonstrate a clear conscience by “authorising secret files kept on him by East Germany’s secret police to – if any such records exist.”

Theresa May and Nigel Farage have also thrown their weight behind the demands of their press baron pals.

But here’s the funny thing: there’s no file to release.

Buried at the bottom of the Guardian’s latest story on the issue is this rather crucial clarification:

“The German authorities responsible for the Stasi archive on Tuesday said they had found no documents on Corbyn. This included all files that can’t be released publicly for privacy protection reasons, spokesman Matthias Dziomba said.”

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good smear though…

Cultocracy note :

There definitely is a $TA$I file on Corbyn .



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