The Future of Wireless Communications is Terahertz

Cultocracy note :

Terahertz waves stand between microwaves and infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum .

Terahertz waves possess charecteristics of both optical waves (light) and microwaves .

THz radiation can be used in a wide variety of sensing applications .

Every living thing carries a unique THz fingerprint .

THz systems have been widely researched and developed for space and astronomy applications .


Convenient & timely ‘new’ research into terahertz (THz) waveguides ‘shines a light’ on the future of communications networks and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) . It would appear that there is now a slow process of disclosure regarding the fact that 5G systems will actually be THz systems .

The articles above are based on research papers which describe how THz radiation can be created from a magnetic source , paving the way for the next generation of THz transmitters and antennas .

Terahertz beamforming is possible using phased arrays .

The IOT is sold to the general public under the premise of faster digital communications and connectivity to ‘things’ which will make our lives easier , do we really need it ? Probably not , but there are fortunes to be made and strings to be added to the global surveillance bow , or should that be harp . Most informed people are now aware that mass data gathering is not for ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘bad people’ . The IOT is the next stage of global data gathering , data is the ‘food’ for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems .

Cultocracy note :

Internet of Things = Global Surveillance & Control Grid .

Or the ‘International Order of Tyranny’ .


Trojan Horse


Only a fool could not fail to realize how THz 5G could easily be abused by the abusers .

The IOT will stretch from Earth to space .

Hmmm….The diagram below looks familiar ?!?

Now I remember .


Enter a caption

Preferred contractor to deep state agencies Space X is big on ‘internet from space’ .


Terahertz radiation resonates with DNA and other molecules , in the process damaging the DNA by ‘unzipping’ the double strands .



In the race to create the ‘Internet of Things’ and master artificial intelligence will the detrimental biological effects of terahertz and other electromagnetic radiation be ignored and suppressed , with the facts buried by mountains of disinformation , lies and mainstream propaganda ?

Never , they wouldn’t do that , would they ?


Fat Cigars &_Shoulder Stars

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