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4 Responses to TAXI DRIVER

  1. truth1 says:

    The hipppocampus is interesting because of its association with memory, which also has everything to do with Dissociation created for mind control slaves. MK slaves are made up of 75% women and only 25% men. Men do not handle the strain on the brain as well, so that far less of them are used after testing. The importance of Estrogen might well explain whey women hand the extreme abuse of the mind, since estrogen “soothes” and repairs damage to the hippocampus. Good article!


    • cultocracy says:

      My thoughts exactly truth1 , regarding the memory angle . Repetitive brain patterning techniques used in MK programming could explain the enlarged hippocampus , although it could also be explained by the use of more ‘exotic’ biotechnologies . These days the two seem to go hand in hand .


      • truth1 says:

        Cultocracy, have you by chance ever come across any info on a computer being used to program MK victims/slaves. Brice Taylor mentioned it, but I have never come across anything other then it exists. It was done thru hypnosis and electroshock in her day. One thing for sure is that the brain seems very adaptable to whatever it is encountering and as well, reduces areas that are not getting much use. So it can focus according to where we direct it. So it is good at conserving processing power, I would gather.


      • cultocracy says:

        No information as such truth1 . But you can guarantee the process has been computerized for quite a while .
        For several decades now research in this field has centered around remote neural manipulation using biologically active electromagnetic fields .
        The basic process is very much the same , torture and fear , followed by subliminal suggestion .

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