Court of Appeal rules Government surveillance regime IS unlawful

Cultocracy note :

Good to see that the high court judges are backing the people versus the establishment , an independent judiciary is the backbone of any civilized society . This decision wouldn’t have been made 20 or30 years ago when most judges were hand picked establishment stooges , many compromised and blackmailed due to their predilection for young boys .

Although the judgment is rendered null and void as the piece of legislation it refers to magically metamorphosed into a completely different bill before the ruling .

The civil rights group Liberty challenged the legislation with funds raised via a crowd funding platform . Sections of the legislation were also declared illegal by the European Court of Justice in December 2016 .

Liberty intend to challenge the new legislation later this year , the outcome should be interesting .

What is never questioned is why the shadow government need every piece of data on every UK citizen .

But that is a completely different story .

Court of Appeal rules Government surveillance regime IS unlawful

The Government is breaking the law by collecting the nation’s internet activity and phone records and letting public bodies grant themselves access to these personal details with no suspicion of serious crime and no independent sign-off – meaning significant parts of its latest Snoopers’ Charter are effectively unlawful.

Judges at the Court of Appeal have today backed a challenge by MP Tom Watson, represented by Liberty, to the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) – a previous law covering state surveillance.

DRIPA expired at the end of 2016 – but the Government replicated and vastly expanded the same powers in the Investigatory Powers Act, which started to come into force in 2017. Liberty is challenging this latest law in a major separate case, to be heard in the High Court later this year.

In anticipation of this ruling, the Government has already conceded that the Investigatory Powers Act will need to change. But its half-baked plans do not even fully comply with past court rulings requiring mandatory safeguards – and they continue to allow public bodies to indiscriminately retain and access personal data, including records of internet use, location tracking using mobile phones and records of who we communicate with and when.

Martha Spurrier, Liberty’s Director, said: “Yet again a UK court has ruled the Government’s extreme mass surveillance regime unlawful. This judgment tells ministers in crystal clear terms that they are breaching the public’s human rights. The latest incarnation of the Snoopers’ Charter, the Investigatory Powers Act, must be changed.

“No politician is above the law. When will the Government stop bartering with judges and start drawing up a surveillance law that upholds our democratic freedoms?”

Read the full article here at Liberty

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2 Responses to Court of Appeal rules Government surveillance regime IS unlawful

  1. truth1 says:

    What they meant to say was that no well-intentioned government should ever have to spy on their own people. Only total despots bent on evil would to that. Ay yi yi. I got a bad feeling about that.


    • cultocracy says:

      The UK is possibly the most surveilled state in the world truth1 . Surveillance has now become a warped belief system in itself , in the past the system served to preserve the older power structures such as the monarchy and the central banking system . It is constantly being updated and expanded and is now used as a tool for societal manipulation and control . The controllers cite ‘stability’ as the driving force for these programs , many in the upper echelons of power are brainwashed to believe that the alternative would be ‘anarchy’ driven by the great unwashed masses . On the whole the systems are hidden from the public , any and every opportunity to legitimize these hidden systems is taken , fear is used as both the driving factor and the controlling force .


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