Whistler Waves , Magnetic Poles , H.A.A.R.P – Part I

Media reports suggest that NASA has recently been monitoring “electric blue clouds circling over Antarctica” . Noctilucent clouds are formed when water vapor and “dust” collect in the upper atmosphere .

NASA suggested that the clouds were created by “the fine debris left behind by disintegrating meteors” .

The anomaly could also have been caused by a conglomeration of atmospheric “dust” which has been trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field lines and transported to the Arctic regions .

The anomaly could also have been caused using H.A.A.R.P type Earth destruction systems coupled with satellite technology .

This is not the first ‘anomaly’ seen in the arctic regions , expect many more in the future .

Also according to NASA :

“According to researchers, noctilucent clouds have both intensified and spread in recent years.”

NASA added: “In recent years NLCs have intensified and spread. When noctilucent clouds first appeared in the 19th century, you had to travel to polar regions to see them.”

“Since the turn of the century, however, they have been sighted as close to the equator as Colorado and Utah.”

“Some researchers believe this is a sign of climate change.”

“NASA’s AIM spacecraft was sent into orbit in 2007 to observe the phenomenon. In the decade since then, scientists have observed the clouds forming earlier and earlier each year.”

It is clear that something is detrimentally affecting the Earth’s atmosphere and also the general environment .

Particles from space are generally deflected from the Earth’s atmosphere by the natural electromagnetic field emanating from the Poles , this protective layer is known as the magnetosphere .

So how can “space dust” penetrate the magnetosphere and enter the Earth’s atmosphere ?

First we must understand plasma .

  • Plasma is often considered to be the fourth state of matter , behind solid , liquid and gas .
  • Plasma can be thought of as an area of charged particles , both positive and negative .
  • Plasma can be confined or directed using external forces or energy , the physical properties of plasma are often compared to those of a liquid .
  • Plasma can be confined or directed by magnetic fields or electric fields , in much the same way as a pipe confines and directs water .
  • The Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere contain plasma , indeed the inner magnetosphere is usually termed the plasmasphere .
  • Lightning is basically a confined plasma channel .
  • When plasma encounters a magnetic field the charged particles tend to travel in a helical direction along the magnetic field line .

  • The frequency of rotation of a charged particle about a magnetic field is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field .
  • This frequency is termed the electron cyclotron frequency .
  • If an electrical field is also applied then the plasma can be accelerated along the magnetic field line .

So how can “space dust” penetrate the magnetosphere ?

One recently proffered theory from NASA scientists suggests that plasma wave interaction allows bursts of particles to penetrate the magnetosphere and enter the Earth’s atmosphere .

Charged particles or plasma in the ionosphere are in a constant state of flux , the plasma is tossed to and fro as it interacts with magnetic and electric fields . This ‘sea’ of plasma in the ionosphere can be imagined as being similar to the waves in an Ocean .

Whistler Waves

The Earth’s outer atmosphere is continually bombarded by electrical and magnetic energy from space . These electromagnetic waves interact with plasma in the ionosphere and magnetosphere , this interaction energizes the ions in the plasma and can accelerate the plasma towards the speed of light . In addition solar winds bring additional charged particles which collide with the particles in the ionosphere . The energy waves created by the interaction of electromagnetic waves and ions are also known as plasma waves .

Lower frequency plasma waves are known as Alfvén waves . If the magnetic field is strong and there is also an electrical field the ions are accelerated beyond the ion cyclotron frequency and become whistler waves . This acceleration can continue until near the speed of light , whereupon the plasma wave returns to the state of a normal electromagnetic wave .

Charged particles can become ‘trapped’ inside the Earth’s magnetic field , the magnetic field lines confine the plasma in a specific trajectory . Of course the diagram below depicts the Earth’s magnetic field as a line , when it actually exists as a wholly enveloping force .

The mirror points in the above diagram represent areas where the Earth’s magnetic field gradually becomes stronger causing the particles to decelerate and eventually reverse direction . The charged particle then returns in the opposite direction along the field line where the process is repeated at the opposite mirror point . A bit like a never ending boomerang .

The ‘tubes’ of electromagnetic energy and dense plasma which act as super highways for charged plasma are often termed plasma ducts . The forces created by the motion of ions within the ducts exert their own electromagnetic field and can actually increase the energy and force of the plasma duct , generating a strong electrical current .

Atmospheric penetration

As stated earlier the ions (charged particles) travel in a helical direction around a magnetic field line . If the pitch angle of a particle is shallow and close to parallel with the field line then the ions can penetrate the upper atmosphere instead of reflecting backwards and forwards from the mirror points .

The range of pitch angles in which the particles are allowed to filter down to the atmosphere is known as the atmospheric loss cone .

When the plasma particles collide with particles in the upper atmosphere there is a visible release of energy , often known as an aurora .

Whistle Down the Wind

Just like the waves in an Ocean , the plasma waves create a particular ‘sound’ which can be detected using specialized equipment and then converted to an audible frequency . This ‘sound’ is known as the ‘whistler mode chorus’ as the plasma waves sound just like a person whistling , well , quite similar anyway .


Whistler waves can be formed in the Earth’s atmosphere by a lightning strike , lightning is basically a confined jet of plasma . The lightning flash produces electromagnetic waves which travel through the atmosphere and beyond where they couple with ions and form a whistler wave . As described earlier this wave can then interact with magnetic field lines to create ducts of plasma which traverse the magnetosphere .

Lightning storms often affect terrestrial and space based and communications systems .

Indeed whistler mode waves have been used to probe the outer atmosphere for decades , using ground based transmitters and space based satellite receivers .


As we can now understand , natural magnetic and electric fields can harness plasma and create extremely powerful energy fields , visible as earthly phenomenon such as lightning and atmospheric auroras . These forces can affect the ion density in the upper atmosphere , creating Earth borne mayhem such as electrical storms and hurricanes . The forces can also temporarily disable or even knock out communications systems .

So what if you could harness the energy of a plasma duct ?

What if you could create an artificial magnetic field line on the Earth which could act as a conduit ?

What if you could create a plasma duct from space and direct it towards a specific target ?

What if you could create plasma streams that could affect global weather patterns ?

What if whistler waves could be harnessed to create a sophisticated communications system ?

What if you could fire a VLF signal into the ionosphere which would form a whistler wave which ‘landed’ as an electromagnetic signal at a corresponding point on the other side of the Earth ?

What if this signal could be used to create a region of ‘plasma rain’ on the Earth itself ?

Science fiction ?


Part II coming soon .

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