2018 Trust Barometer

As the graph below shows there appears to be a widening gulf in the trust individuals in the West have regarding their government and related institutions . This is not surprising as the more oppressive global regimes have become more open , whereas the traditionally ‘free’ Western countries have lurched towards a more authoritarian and controlling structure .

Interesting that the media is now the least trusted institute in the world , although not surprising .

Also interesting is that four out of the five – ‘Five Eyes’ – crime cartel members have seen a drop in institutional trust . Again , not surprising .

The head of the Five Eyes cartel is the US shadow government , the US has seen the largest drop in institutional trust out of all the countries surveyed .

At the opposite end of the scale China has apparently seen the largest increase in trust between it’s institutions and the people .

The poll was conducted online from a pool of several thousand people from 28 different countries , I assume the respondents were from a wide variety of backgrounds . Although it should be noted that the poll was split into two main demographics , the ‘informed public‘ and the ‘general population‘ . I assume ‘informed public’ means professionals , although why the general public is possibly seen as being uninformed is not answered . Interesting that the icon representing an ‘informed public’ is shown as the cap on a pyramid , with the rest of us below .


The 2018 paper is titled the ‘Battle for Truth’

An interesting ‘result’ is that the Edelman survey supposedly revealed an large increase in trust regarding ‘traditional media’ and a corresponding increase in ‘trust in journalism’ . I assume that this relates to MSM platforms . This finding is not remarkable as Edelman is a global PR firm that represents many supranational firms , the top of the globalist pyramid so to speak . Edelman also suggested that trust in ‘media platforms’ such as social media and search engines has decreased , again a slightly suspicious finding in some respects .

Another suspicious finding is that there has ‘been a rebound in faith in experts and leaders‘ , what leaders ? This may be true in certain countries , definitely not true in the West .

Who are Edelman ?

They are self described as a ‘communications marketing firm’ and also the ‘worlds largest PR firm’ .

In the past Edelman have represented the US oil lobby , although the partnership was dissolved after Edelman stated that they would not represent ‘climate change deniers’ .

Although this could be considered a PR stunt by the PR people .

Other clients read like a who’s who of global branding . Although there are a few oddities . A short Edelman CV includes the following companies :

  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Mormon church
  • Government of Saudi Arabia
  • Roche
  • Nestle
  • Dow Chemical
  • S.C. Johnson
  • Mobil
  • Burger King
  • Volkswagen
  • News Corp.

So basically Edelman is a mouthpiece for the globalist corporate world and beyond .

Another aspect of the firm’s repertoire is ‘crisis & risk‘ management , I assume that if a truth bomb hits the headlines regarding one of their clients , then it’s action at all stations , with a furry of lies and counter stories presented as a deluge in the MSM .

Magic Roundabout

The revolving door in ‘elite’ circles is also revealed , one of Tony Blair’s close advisors , Anji Hunter joined Edelman in 2013 as a ‘senior advisor’ . In 2016 Edelman also hired Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor .

Top spook and ex Mi6 chief Sir John Sawer joined Edelman as an ‘advisor’ in 2016 , along with other lucrative positions at Macro Advisory Partners and BP . In the past Sawer has called for an increased ‘partnership’ between tech firms and government agencies , no doubt the term ‘tech firms’ includes search engines and electronic media platforms . Partnership from these people usually means assimilation and control .

Enough said . 

So who are Edelman representing with the Trust Barometer report ?

Well , the report does seem to have a positive bias towards ‘traditional’ media platforms and ‘traditional’ journalism , at the expense of the newer digital media platforms where everybody has a say . I am guessing they have large media conglomerates on their books , these dinosaurs are losing out heavily to a more independent media . ‘Fake news’ is mentioned in the report more than once , although there is no recognition that the traditional MSM platforms have been controlled by a small group of companies and shadow government agencies for decades .

Fake News

According to the report “7 in 10 of us are worried about ‘fake news’ being used as a weapon” .

I’m not at all worried about this , are you ?


So to answer the question as to who they represent we should ask ourselves a second question……..

Who is worried about ‘fake news’ being used as a weapon ?

Probably the same corrupt institutions and global oligarchs that have been peddling lies and misinformation with impunity for centuries , along with suppression of the truth .

Any official narrative , usually based on lies , is now picked apart before it hits the main channels .

They are worried , very worried .

Hidden Agenda ?

The UK press release for Edelman states ‘SOCIAL MEDIA ON NOTICE AS PUBLIC CALLS OUT INSUFFICIENT REGULATION‘ , apparently ‘64% of us back tougher regulation of social media companies‘ . I’m one of the 36% who would like to see less regulation , they like to make the decisions for us , Endelman & it’s clients obviously feel that we cannot be trusted with the truth , what are they afraid of ?

The response to the report from controlled and censored MSM outlets was to be expected .

Of course that will not prevent an attempt to stifle debate and the truth on alternative news platforms , the global corporate oligarchy are trying hard , very hard .

The report does offer a glimmer of truth though together with an explanation , by stating that a ‘Lack of confidence in media is undermining trust and truth‘ .

Although that solely depends on what ‘media’ you are reading .


The truth is that the ‘truth’ has undermined traditional platforms which are based on hidden political , financial and control agendas , this point is accepted in the report . There are many , many more outlets for information in the modern age , outlets that we can all access , read , digest or discard , eventually coming to the truth .

If anything the Edelman report lays bare the interlocked relationship between the global corporate world and their servants in governments around the world . The bond of trust between the controlled Western government agencies and the people they purport to serve has been broken , Irretrievably . Possibly due to controlled sex abuse rings , phony wars , planted MSM news stories , increased draconian surveillance , establishment racketeering , endemic fraud , constant lies or any other number of far worse crimes not widely reported .

The response ? More control , more surveillance , more laws , less freedom , more mistrust . Trust is hard won , but easily lost .

A slick PR exercise is not enough .


The elitist mentality is entrenched , it is now a form of insanity , acting like a virus , infecting all in the vicinity of power .

The result is less truth , from them that is .

Nobody can hide from the truth .

Endelman UK findings :

  1. Edelman Trust Barometer 2018 – UK Findings

Endelman global findings :

  1. 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer
  2. 2018 Endelman trust Barometer Global Report

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