US News – FISA Memo , NSA Deletes Surveillance Data

Cultocracy note :

It would seem like the US power ‘elite’ are in the middle of a civil war .

N.B. Always replace the word elite with parasite .

Recent revelations in the mainstream point to the existence of a F.I.S.A memo alluding to corruption and collusion between politicians and deep state organizations . Nothing new there then , most politicians are controlled in one way or another .

If confirmed , the FISA memo apparently outlines a systematic abuse of power by US government organizations such as the FBI and the DoJ , specifically regarding surveillance of team Trump during and after the 2016 US elections .

If true it could also give a glimpse into one of the real reasons for targeted surveillance , it is not about fighting terrorism .

It would also provide an insight into the false ‘Russia did it’ narrative being peddled by controlled MSM outfits .

Is anybody actually in charge of the largest and most destructive surveillance & military machine the world has ever known ?

Are the lunatics in charge of the asylum ?

In some respects you have to laugh , the chickens have come home to roost . The endless powers granted to unaccountable deep state groups and by default their benefactors , are now being used against the political establishment themselves .

But then again , this was always one of the aims .

Divide and rule , works every time .


Wikileaks have offered a large ‘reward’ for a copy of the memo :

I wish I had a copy myself , then again I could always pen a ‘dodgy dossier’ like former Mercenaries International operative Chris ‘Bullshit’ Steele :

Most ‘intelligence’ is actually lies , lies and more lies .

Several commentators have posited that the recent US government shutdown was simply a diversion tactic from the FISA memo , if true then this in itself would constitute a serious crime against the US and it’s citizens .

Just thinking about a government shutdown is costly .

Not to worry , it’s only taxpayers money , plenty more where that came from .


Former FBI director Mueller & Barry O’Bomber

‘Special Prosecutor’ Robert Mueller is heading the probe into Trump-Russia collusion .

Several commentators have suggested that the release of the FISA memo would end the Mueller investigation into Russia-Trump collusion and that high profile figures might end up in jail .

Other media reports suggest that high level political figures are being controlled and or protected by their deep state cronies .

Pressure is building for the release of the FISA memo .



In an ‘unconnected’ maneuver the NSA has been accused of illegally and secretly ‘destroying’ mass surveillance data from the years 2001 to 2007 .

Ironically the US senate recently voted to extend deep state surveillance powers .


Does there exist in Western politics and ‘government’ deep state organizations a single honest person who represents the people and does not seek to line their own pockets whilst following the agenda of their paymasters ?

Probably not .

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