Hundreds of boys ‘tortured’ at youth detention centres in 1970s and 1980s

Cultocracy note :

The state sponsored abuse of young boys is the crux of this article , again and again we hear reports of physical , psychological and sexual abuse .

What is not reported is the human experimentation with various psychoactive drugs which were trialled at the same state institutions , over the years I have had many first hand reports of this type of testing . Many young boys were sent to similar institutions for the slightest of misdemeanors and placed at the mercy of establishment sponsored psychopaths & perverts .

The abuse is designed to break down the human psyche of the individuals , leaving a fresh canvas . In the UK the working classes have always been viewed as the enemy by a corrupt establishment .

The abuse was systematic and organized .

To quote from the article :

“Professor David Wilson, a criminologist who was governor of a progressive young offenders’ institution in the 1980s, said detention centres were run to deliberately put inmates under psychological and physical stress.”

But Mr Greenwood said the scale of abuse is “most definitely wider”.

“It was an institutional problem that seemed to have been taking place at all these detention centres at that time,” he added.

Hundreds of boys ‘tortured’ at youth detention centres in 1970s and 1980s

Lizzie Dearden – The Independent

Survivors calling for public inquiry into sexual and physical abuse during Thatcherite ‘short, sharp shock’ policy

Hundreds of boys say they were subjected to sexual and physical abuse amounting to “torture” in youth detention centres, sparking calls for a public inquiry.

A lawyer representing the alleged victims said they had been raped, beaten and sexually assaulted during the 1970s and 1980s.

David Greenwood, the head of child abuse at Switalskis Solicitors, said he was already representing more than 400 men and being “approached constantly” by new claimants.

“Clients I’ve spoken to have said it was like torture – they were locked up and couldn’t get away,” he told The Independent.

“Most of them say it made them anti-authority, they felt as though they couldn’t trust people.

“For boys in for stealing to be subjected to this indiscriminate violence was a shock, and I say it was unlawful.

“It made boys who had obviously done wrong in some respect into boys who were worse, and ended up in violence.”

Former inmates at Eastwood Park Detention Centre in Gloucestershire have told Mr Greenwood they were punched if they did not answer officers’ responses with “Sir”.

Others described being regularly hit “for the slightest misdemeanour”, being whipped with rubber pipes, forced to perform extreme exercise, have cold showers and were made to crouch in stress positions without chairs.

Read the full article here at the Independent

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