Carillion – The English Patient

Cultocracy note :

The corrupt UK establishment have always viewed the taxpayer as easy meat , state sponsored racketeering is normal policy in the corridors of power .

A seat in the UK parliament is now viewed as a stepping stone to greater wealth in the form of bribes and payments from higher corporate powers . Many MP’s are blackmailed and controlled , perversion and pedophilia are the tools .

No decent or moral person will now enter the cesspool of establishment controlled politics .

If you are not bent when you enter politics , you will be when you leave politics .


If it is not nailed down it has been sold , over and over again .


Business as usual .

The director of Carillion was Philip Nevill Green .

Phil was an advisor to both David Cameron and Theresa May on corporate responsibility .

In 2014 Phil was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for service to “business and charity” .

Cultocracy translation :

Services to business and charity =  Establishment racketeering

Carillion shares have been short sold since 2013 when around 7% of shares were held as short positions , this percentage peaked at 25% in 2017 .

Global fund management company BlackRock made it’s  ‘elite’ investors a little bit richer by betting on the Carillion share collapse .

BlackRock is said to hold nearly $6 trillion in assets which amounts to over 5% of the global total , the firm dwarfs it’s rivals in terms of total global assets held .

Insider information is needed to form share positions which can make a tidy profit for investment companies such as BlackRock .

Traitors , profiteers , filth and scum are often placed into positions of power and influence so that their controllers reward can be reaped at a future date .

It is obvious that Carillion’s plight was common knowledge in certain circles .

The books were cooked by paid off partners to enable a final profit squeeze .

In 2007 KPMG also gave HBOS PLC the all clear , a year later the bank went bust , the taxpayer picked up the bill .

A subsequent investigation by the FSA (UK Financial Services Authority) cleared KPMG . As always , the establishment cleared the establishment .

KPMG has also been involved in tax evasion and political corruption in other countries .

KPMG also audits the Bank of England , a role which the company has held since 2007 , although this is said to be under review .

The Bank of England has been implicated in the LIBOR scandal .


The collapse of Carillion reveals the terminal illness which has infected the upper echelons of the UK establishment , now known to foreign powers as ‘The English Patient’ .

The enemy is not I$I$ , Russia , North Korea etc…etc…etc…

The enemy has always been within .

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