Iran , Seven Satanic Sisters

Recent events in Iran underscore the lengths that corrupt Western cabals will go to to create disturbance , death and destruction , all in the name of power and profit . The links between billionaire Western oligarchs , big finance , energy barons , establishment figures and the ‘intelligence services’ cannot be denied . The primary role of the ‘intelligence services’ is to provide information to private organizations and individuals who’s only reason for existence is to loot and plunder on a global scale . Alongside providing information that will protect the same from their multitude of enemies . This has always been the case , in the UK at least . The majority of these people do not serve the public , they answer only to the puppet masters . The domination of British foreign policy and indeed domestic policy by these unaccountable ‘shadow government’ elements cannot be underestimated . Together the corruption cartel controls military departments , politicians , defense contractors and financial institutions . The members of the cartel include many ‘respected’ people in the public eye and many more out of it . These apex parasites buffer themselves with layer after layer of phonies and pawns , they have infiltrated and infected the every facet of the UK and poisoned the very fabric of the UK .

Coordination with global partners , especially in the US , forms the hidden hand in the current scheme of murder , rape and pillage and general decimation of the Middle East . It has gone way beyond a futile attempt to secure energy resources , it would now appear to be a case of ‘if we can’t have it , then nobody will’ . Global instability is good for profits , speculators focus financial decisions on ‘intelligence led’ information , they all get rich , the wealth creates a tidal wave of greed and corruption which quickly engulfs the weak , the willing and in a few cases the unwitting .

Insanity can be infectious .

In modern times it is not only about natural resources ; technology theft , intellectual property theft , insider trading , land deals , large scale property developments and financial fraud forms the mainstay of the ‘business model’ . If you control the information and data pipelines , if you can tap into any information stream anywhere at any time , you obviously gain a distinct advantage over your potential competitors . But how can the public be cajoled into parting with their hard earned cash to fund a rigged surveillance system ? A system which will only ever benefit the few and is geared towards providing information which is used to create formulas for financial theft ?

Easy : War on X (replace X with any form of fear mongering that you fancy) .

Cui Bono , who gains the most from instability and war ? Is it the defense companies , is it the energy companies ? Is it the military ? Is it private contractors tasked with ‘reconstruction’ ?

Well , all of the above and yet none of the above .

If you have a stake or interests in all of the above , then it is a win and win again game .

The Banking Cartel rules the roost .

Every other organization or oligarch only ever has a bit part in their games .


For an insight into events in modern Iran we have to travel back in history .

Following standard procedure the subsequent energy contract signed between BP and the Iranian ruling monarchy massively favored the profiteers above the now oppressed local population . The local population became slaves to corporate profits and establishment racketeering , the bulk of the wealth was transferred to wealthy establishment shareholders back in the UK , a smaller percentage went to the newly corrupted ruling classes and a negligible percentage actually reached the people .

Cultocracy note :

This moth eaten , malignant business model is outdated to say the least , a model which we still observe today . Why do the Western establishment continue down the same well worn path of propaganda war , military invasion followed by a smash and grab raid ? Possibly because historically it has always been successful .

It stems from a sense of entitlement and ‘superiority’ above the ‘natives’ . Of course many establishment figures are simply puppets and pawns , sacrificed to complex psychological manipulation models built on historical falsehoods , myth and mumbo jumbo .


During WWII Iran was invaded by a combined British & Soviet military force , in an attempt to secure Iranian oil reserves for the war effort . There were many global repercussions which sprang from the second world war .  Iran found out that the Saudi ruling elite had a 50 / 50 split on their own oil reserves . Widespread anger from the mistreated Iranian oil workers and the now much wiser Iranian intelligentsia led to the installation of Mohammad Mosaddegh as Iranian Prime Minister .

Crucially Mosaddegh vowed to nationalize the Iranian oil industry , angering the parasites , profiteers and establishment puppets back in the UK and the US who by now had formed a very cozy club which in modern times is known as the Seven Sisters .

Seven Sisters

Further reading on the Seven Sisters energy cartel and it’s close ties to the banking network can be found at the links below :

Back to Iran , after Mosaddegh took power the UK establishment sought the assistance of the US establishment . By now the Seven Sisters cartel controlled the majority of global energy supplies . After a series of mergers the Seven Sisters are now regarded as the Four Sisters . All under the umbrella of the Banking Cartel .

In the US the newly formed Crime in Action swooped into action , assisted by their UK counterparts , Mercenaries International .

Again following standard procedure the Western cabal installed a formerly deposed puppet ruler in Iran .

Also following standard procedure the newly appointed Shah was introduced to ‘exotic’ Western pleasures devised by the controlling Western cabal . The whole regime quickly descended into extravagance and degradation , a familiar pattern seen all too often in similar situations .

The Iranian people were taking note and in 1979 the Shah was deposed in a popular uprising and replaced by a more Islamist leaning government .

Since 1970 Iran has fought a costly war with Iraq , during which the UK establishment is said to have supplied both sides with weaponry . The Iran-Iraq conflict also caused rifts in the OPEC oil cartel , reconstruction after the war by the two countries also helped to keep oil prices low as both countries increased exports .

Iran 2018

Back to the recent public demonstrations in Iran .

Iran holds around 20% of global natural gas reserves , the second largest in the world behind Russia . Together it is though that the two countries sit on around  50% of the total global reserves of natural gas .

Iran says that the demonstrations are orchestrated by Western powers .

Including the UK establishment .

Some commentators also suspect Israeli involvement .

Israel sees Iran as an existential threat , Iran sees a Western backed Israel as an existential threat .

Part of the modern meme for fabricating and seeding the notion of existential threats involves weapons of mass destruction .

Israel is the only Middle East country to possess nuclear weapons .

They are both being played as part of the larger proxy war .

Quite often Israeli policy is simply cartel policy , disguised as Israeli policy .


Natanyahu denied involvement , he would though wouldn’t he .

MSM sources have said that the social disruption in Iran was caused by a rise in food prices , especially eggs .

Neglecting to offer an explanation as to why food prices may be rising .

The cabal probably expected a violent response by the Iranian regime in response to the disruption , this could have been used to extend sanctions against Iran and further extend international isolation .

Instead Iran blocked social media and messaging  apps .

Standard procedure for regime non-compliance to the demands of the corruption cartel include sanctions .

Countries apart from sections of the Israeli & US administrations see things differently .

In many previous cases , sanctions have been a prelude to invasion and occupation . The US administration under Trump has seen a change in policy towards Iran , directed and planned by ‘Ayatollah Mike’ .

It is said that US president Obama ‘undermined’ a similar Iranian protest in 2009 .

Trump likes to be viewed as a ‘strong man’ and a maverick in public , a large majority of Iranian people view him somewhat differently .


Some commentators have suggested that the beating of drums forewarns of a US backed war with Iran .

This is unlikely .

Iran is not Syria , or Iraq , or Libya , or Yemen etc…

Even former deep state operatives have spoken out against team Trump .

Any former deep state head must be able to understand that derailing reform was the intention . Chaos = Profit . Order = No profit .

The underlying reason

There has been a shift in global energy power structures along with trade and industry .

The largest energy companies in the world are now state owned , as opposed to the privately or publicly owned companies comprising the Seven  Sisters . Theoretically a greater percentage of profits are now reinvested in the source countries instead of lining the pockets of billionaire oligarchs and their establishment cronies . This could be disputed when looking at how a large portion of Russian oligarchs gained their wealth .

Russia , China and Iran are forming a new strategic alliance , this alliance forms a threat to the profits of Western based bankers and warmongers . Russia , China and Iran are in a list of the top seven countries which control global energy supplies , the majority of the energy companies in all three countries are state owned .

Saudi Arabia is also in the top seven list via Aramco the Saudi state owned oil producer , in fact Saudi has the largest global reserves of oil  .

Saudi Arabia has been over producing oil for decades at the behest of the Western cabal , the revenue earned has been largely siphoned off and has flowed back into corruption cartel coffers via arms sales , ‘overseas investments’ and extravagant living .

Iran is seen as pivotal to China’s Silk Road initiative (OBOR) which involves trade and cooperation of mutual benefit to all partners .


China has invested heavily in Iran compared to Western nations .

Iran is also an observer state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) whose members deal mainly with security and regional stability issues .

The group recently welcomed both India & Pakistan .

Russia wants Iran to become a full member of the SCO  , China is reticent due to the fact that Iran is under UN sanctions .

A recent UN security council resolution decided to gradually end the sanctions on Iran .

The MSM has reported that Iran has tested missiles in violation of sanctions and also supplied missiles to Houthi rebels .

Certain groups want to see more sanctions aimed at Iran .

Sections of the US administration think that Iran is engaged in proxy wars which have stymied their efforts in the Middle East . A section of the US administration thinks that Iran , supported by Russia & China have halted the cycle of destruction and chaos instigated by themselves . A section of the US administration thinks that if it wasn’t for Russia and China they could have looted everything from the Middle East with no opposition .

The Western based oligarchs , bankers and energy barons are very unhappy .

They are losing .

Sections of the US administration want to use Iran to sow the seeds of war and cause more division and conflict .

Nobody is listening anymore .


It would appear that the ‘Iranian riots’ mask a deep underlying insecurity within the hierarchies of Western establishment structures which emanate from epicenters of big finance .

A new model is emerging , allegiances are changing , lies are being exposed , sanctions are not working , normal people are not afraid anymore .

The ‘War on Terror’ is finished .

Or has it only just begun ?

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