More American Troops to Afghanistan, To Keep the Chinese Out?

Cultocracy note :

The ongoing issues surrounding Afghanistan clearly show the modern Western corporate template of rampant state corruption , corporate greed , lies , fraud , racketeering , military jingoism , murder and terrorism .

At the core is Afghanistan’s purported $trillions in untapped mineral reserves , which were mapped in detail by the Soviet Union in the 1970’s and led to the occupation of Afghanistan by Soviet forces . The Soviets were forced out of the country by the US backed Mujahideen which paved the way for the Osama Bin Laden’s Taliban . Since the Soviet withdrawal other countries have looked upon Afghanistan whilst drooling , waiting for an opportunity . A timely and convenient opportunity arose after the 9/11 terror attacks , the country was the first to be invaded by US controlled NATO forces . Other NATO countries have since pulled their forces out of the quagmire , wounded but wiser .

Do you still think that the ‘War on Terror’ was about defeating ‘Islamic Terrorism’ ?

Afghanistan and the wider ‘War on Terror’ was always a US war for corporate profits and ongoing global military supremacy .

As a bonus Afghanistan’s geostrategic location also helps to contain a resurgent China . Or is this the prime motive .

At some point it will become obvious to a future US administration that the financial cost outweighs the potential profits . At this juncture there will be several options: a) Complete withdrawal , leaving other countries to fill the vacuum b) Cooperation between the various factions and the carving up of resources .

Afghanistan also reveals the vastly different approaches to global looting deployed by China and the US .

To simplify the problems facing the country the general mindset is ‘If the US corporate powers don’t grab the resources first , Russia and China will’ .

Last throw of the dice ?

It seems that the new ‘US Afghanistan policy’ is really the old policy . The US forces have turned so many corners that they are now chasing their own tail .

Afghanistan has always been of geostrategic importance .

Afghanistan supposedly holds vast amounts of untapped resources .

It should be noted that any mineral reserves existing in Afghanistan are not verified , they will be costly to extract and transport . The US has conducted geographical surveys of the whole country . Other commentators suggest that the surveys are being used as a carrot to justify continued occupation .

Current events in Afghanistan suggest that the US administration is losing ground to the Taliban .

It is also evident that the US is losing allies .

A foot in the door ?

It would appear that diplomacy and trade , not bombs and bullets , are preferred by the Pakistani government .

Planning for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) includes Afghanistan , it has been suggested that this initiative involving trade and cooperation could stabilize the region .

It is clear that certain people are not happy with the planned CPEC trade corridor .

It is also clear that certain people are not happy with any non-conformity by the Pakistan government .

Not to worry , we can find new allies in an attempt to divide and control .

We might as well make a few bucks whilst we’re here .

Might as well make a few yuan as well .

Maybe a few rubles as well while were at it .

The usual suspects are also suspected of ‘interference’ .

China has also been talking to the ‘enemy’ . It would appear , not surprisingly , that diplomacy , not bombs , is preferable to the ‘terrorists’ .

China was awarded a mining contract by the Afghanistan government several years ago .

It is a risky venture .

The whole area is now suddenly becoming riskier for China .

The response from China was directed at the countries Muslim Uighurs , this may not go down well with Muslims from other countries .

Although then again , when looking at recent history it might go down well .

Meanwhile……back in Afghanistan…….

It should be clear by now that no foreign power is ‘winning’ in Afghanistan , apart from the arms dealers , the Afghan people will always lose , as will the taxpayer .

Hold on though , wait a minute , there are a few people who are winning .

Perhaps it is not about ‘winning’ but the ‘taking part’ , plus of course the profitable side deals that can be made in the meantime , a very long meantime .











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