United Nations Riposte to Trump Jerusalem Decision

An interesting ‘two fingers up’ (or ‘middle finger’) from the UN to Trump and the US administration regarding Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital .

The resolution to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was passed in June this year by the senate , exactly 50 years after the start of the Arab -Israeli Six Day War . The decision to recognize Jerusalem as a capital city was borne from the Jerusalem Embassy Act passed by congress in 1995 .

The act has previously been waived by former US presidents on national security grounds , Trump recently made the controversial decision to rubber stamp the act despite the fact that it was apparently opposed by a majority of US citizens . It was also reported that Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Mike Pompeo were worried about the potential repercussions of Trump’s decision .

UN draft resolution on Jerusalem

Prior to the UN vote the US administration made veiled ‘threats’ to any country that may dare to vote for a motion not to recognize the Trump decision , US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned that she would be ‘taking names’ of any country that voted against the US .

The only countries swayed by the threats to cut aid were , Guatema , Honduras , Israel , Marshall Islands , Micronesia , Nauru , Palau , Togo & United States .

A total of 128 countries voted in favor while 35 countries abstained .

Interestingly the UK voted against Trump’s decision .

A full breakdown of the vote can be found here at Al Jazeera .

It was expected that the UN would vote against the Trump administration move to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital . At the very least the vote could serve to soothe many pro Palestinian countries and lower tensions .

But why was the decision made in the first place ? It obviously masked underlying , hidden agendas .

Does the UN decision also reflect a growing base of the global population that are simply sick and tired of US establishment foreign policy which invariably includes , war , torture , looting , bombing and the generalized destruction of whole countries ?

Does it also reflect a growing decline in US global power ?

Is the strategy of tension and the divide and control ruse not working anymore ?

More realistically the vote is not significant in practical terms , many countries that voted against the Trump decision will continue to be funded and manipulated by the US administration .

So back the question as to why the decision was made in the first place ? Is there method to the apparent madness ?

The answer to this question could be answered by some of the articles below .

Destabilizing the region offers the possibility of increased profits for the military corporate complex :

Some commentators also suggest that the decision was made to deflect attention from domestic issues , particularly domestic support for team Trump . Horse trading to increase domestic political support ?  It has been suggested that Trump was specifically seeking continued support from the Israeli lobby and or the ‘Christian right’ . A possibility , although I somehow doubt it :

A distant but intriguing answer could also be that Trump has made the decision in an attempt to reverse previous meddling in the Middle East that up to now has always ended in disaster . The US administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel could potentially polarize consensus in Middle East countries around this central issue , potentially forcing them to cooperate and reverse the years of warring and destruction , although this would take time , probably a very long time .

Trump has always stated that he would ‘put America first’ and withdraw from damaging theaters of conflict and essentially stop acting as a global policeman . Previous interference served the grubby NeoCon Agenda of war , racketeering and profit , a policy that has proved disastrous on a global scale and has largely been detrimental to US credibility on the world stage . A policy that has also succeeded in greater international support for China and a swing towards Russia , the two of which have always been viewed as a much larger ‘threat’ to US global hegemony . The fact of the matter is that the US establishment has few friends , in both domestic and international terms , apart from those they are able bribe , bully and blackmail , which in the past was always a large chunk of the globe . The list of ‘friends’ is growing smaller by the day .

Is China’s model of trade , cooperation and non intervention now being viewed as a more beneficial policy model by the US establishment ? Trump is essentially a businessman after all . Factional infighting within the US establishment would seem to indicate this .

This would also create a vacuum that could possibly be filled by Russia or China , a costly & poisoned chalice that nobody would want to embrace with open arms . Both China & Russia may be sucked in to the maelstrom against their will .

If this did occur would it be by accident ? Or design ?

Of course if the Middle East situation did calm down there would not be much of an incentive for arms dealers and energy barons from any persuasion to enter the fray .

It will take decades to reverse the damage that has been cemented in the Middle East , cooperation with other international powers is the only viable option to contain the mess that was created largely by previous US administrations and their all too willing accomplices , including sections of the UK establishment .

It should also be noted that there are factions within the UK and US who do not want to see peace and stability , anywhere . There will be stiff resistance . War + Global instability = Profit .

The above is purely speculative and relies on Middle East countries putting aside their many ‘differences’ and realizing that they are being played for fools . Probably a bridge too far considering the embedded corruption that is rife in these countries , corruption which is largely fomented by the age old lust for wealth and power , stoked by smirking Western based profiteers and warmongers .

It could also be the Middle East has already been carved up by the various factions and the conflict has now entered a new phase of boundary fencing .

As such the only real answer we have to the question ‘why did team Trump decide to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel ?’ is the old adage “In politics nothing happens by accident” .

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2 Responses to United Nations Riposte to Trump Jerusalem Decision

  1. truth1 says:

    They want to rebuild the temple and re-install the priesthood. Naughty boys!


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