Olivia Solon & Guardian Win Golden Goebbels Award

Last night the Guardian’s Olivia Solon won the coveted Golden Goebbels award for outstanding government propaganda . At the swanky award ceremony in a plush London bar Olivia beamed with pleasure on receiving the trophy .


Olivia and friend……and Russian spy

The prize was awarded for a piece Olivia wrote in the UK based Guardian newspaper regarding the White Helmets who work tirelessly in Syria saving children and babies from nasty men who want to do them harm .

In her acceptance speech Olivia stated :

“I wrote the article because of the lies and smears spread by crazy conspiracy theorists who describe the White Helmets as a terror outfit funded by the UK establishment . These deranged , dangerous and demented people obviously work for the Russians , or maybe the North Koreans , or even the Syrian government , or possibly all three at the same time . Russia wants to cut off our internet and North Korea want to nuke us , how can we just stand by and let lies win over truth .”

When asked if she was on the establishment payroll like many MSM journalists , Olivia became very defensive , even angry , she stated :

“…..What….Yes ….I mean no , definitely not , who told you that , do you work for the Russians ? I demand to know who told you that ….Was it the man behind me ? (now whispering and eyes flicking from side to side)…..He is obviously a Russian spy , do not believe him …..i’m out of here…..”

Olivia then stormed off with knickers firmly in a twist .

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