UK to send millions in emergency aid to Yemen

Cultocracy note :

The hypocrisy of the UK government knows no bounds , the ’emergency aid effort’ is better viewed as a sloppy establishment PR exercise , the puppet UK government have been under increasing pressure regarding the Yemen crisis .

Arms sales are big business , in the UK the tail wags the dog .


The Middle East has been an inferno for many years now , the violence is largely fueled by competition for dwindling energy resources .

Divide and conquer is the motto . The arms sales are enabled by corrupt ruling regimes that make Saddam Hussein look like Mary Poppins . Blackmail and sweeteners in the form of sex slaves and bribes are the accepted business model .

UK to send millions in emergency aid to Yemen and demand access from Saudi

Minister Penny Mordaunt has pledged a further £50m in humanitarian aid

The Government has announced a new £50m emergency aid package to help the Yemeni people caught up in “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis”.

Minister Penny Mordaunt announced the UK would provide food vouchers for 3.4 million Yemenis for one month, 106,000 tonnes of grain and fuel to keep hospitals running and pump clean water .

The International Development Secretary also called on senior figures in the Saudi Arabian Government to help ensure that humanitarian supplies are allowed through .

Read the full article here at the Independent

BAE $ystems

Maybe the fact that the Saudi government have been blockading ports , bombing food convoys and hampering humanitarian aid efforts are to blame for the Yemen crisis . Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world .

The corporate cronies and establishment racketeers at BAE $ystems are rolling in blood money , it is estimated that the profits made by BAE are worth only 50p per head in tax receipts  .

It would also appear the BAE are playing an active role in the actual bombing of children .

It would also appear that establishment goon squad Mercenaries International are actively involved in the targeting procedure .


A ‘targeted’ airstrike

Great shot old chap , chin chin .

But who cares when you can line your pockets .

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