Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims

Cultocracy note :

A definite pattern is visible regarding horrific C.I.A backed experimentation in mind control . It would seem that the victims and their families who eventually gain some semblance of justice are being gagged and silenced from speaking out , thereby preventing more victims from coming forward . There is no doubt that the cases published in the MSM are just the tip of the iceberg . Few people can fully comprehend the scale of the atrocities which constitute crimes against humanity , crimes which continue to this day . If anything clandestine neural control programmes are accelerating and coupled with modern technology represent a silent threat that can undermine the fabric of whole countries .

This particular case relates to the systematic and organized abuse of children and adults perpetrated in Canada and dates from the 1950’s . The central figure is sadist and former friend of Mi5 & the UK establishment Dr. Ewen Cameron . Parallels can be found in the UK with similar organized institutional child abuse dating from around the same period . What is evident in this particular case and others like it is the concerted effort by state powers to contain discussion of the central issue which is ongoing human experimentation and neural control technologies . They seem to think it can just be swept under the carpet , book burning operatives are always operational .

Remember this particular case was over fifty years ago . The techniques have been honed and perfected and are now aided by sophisticated technology which can be deployed on a mass scale .

There is no doubt that most Western power structures are now compromised by diseased and toxic deep state organizations and their complicit corporate partners . These sick and twisted individuals are driven purely by greed , perverted desires and self gratification , many are abuse victims themselves .

The UK is no exception , in fact it is possibly worst affected by these issues .

In many foreign power circles the UK is now known as ‘The English Patient’ .

As always , the keyword is control .

For a background to the story please read the following articles which describes the institutional abuse suffered by Jean Steel , a Canadian citizen :

A recent update to the story can be found below .

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says

Daughter of survivor of brutal experiments ‘nervous’ to speak out after non-disclosure demand

By Harvey Cashore, Lisa Ellenwood, Bob McKeown, CBC News

Forty years after revelations that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency funded brainwashing experiments on unsuspecting Canadians, the Trudeau government is continuing a pattern of silencing the victims, a lawyer for one of the families says.

A recent Department of Justice gag order in an out-of-court settlement was designed to avoid responsibility and avert compensation to more victims and their families, said Alan Stein, who has represented numerous survivors who were once patients at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.

Stein told CBC News that successive federal governments have demanded confidentiality agreements in at least five of the cases he has settled in the last few decades.

“If they hadn’t been confidential and the settlements had the publicity that they should have had, a lot of the victims would have come forward and gone to court,” he said.

The Trudeau government’s quiet non-disclosure payment in March 2017 to the daughter of a now-deceased victim is just the latest development in a decades-old scandal that saw both the CIA and the Canadian government fund brutal science experiments on unsuspecting patients.

Read the full article here at CBC News , Canada .

Mengele in Canada ?

There are unverified reports that Josef Mengele was present in Canada during the 1950’s and that he attended institutions implicated in human experimentation . Information that could add substance to this claim is understandably hard to find . If true it would give the C.I.A and their partners leverage over the Canadian government , in fact many of the C.I.A backed behavioural modification projects were conducted overseas .

The reports above may be true , or they may not .

In 1985 the Canadian government formed the Deschênes Commission which investigated claims that the country had become a haven for Nazi war criminals after WWII .

Other reports state that Mengele fled to South America where he lived out his life until 1979 when he died from a stroke whilst swimming in a pool in Brazil .

A while after his death a cache of Mengele’s personal papers surfaced and were auctioned off . In the papers Mengele apparently discussed his interest in genetics , depopulation and eugenics and stated that ‘90% of Humans Would Die of Stupidity’ .

A philosophy that still exists in many ‘elitist’ circles to this day .

It is a definite fact that the C.I.A and their friends in UK intelligence did mop up many Nazi scientists at the end of WWII during Operation Paperclip . Mengele was a person of interest to the allies due to his work in concentration camps relating to neural functioning and was on an allied forces ‘wanted list’ , despite this it is said that he conveniently slipped the allied drag net several times during his escape .

Find out more about Operation Paperclip at the links below (sometimes called Project Paperclip) .

The question I ask myself is whether the eugenics and depopulation agenda espoused by the Third Reich was some how transferred to the underground network of military and intelligence networks in Western countries after Operation Paperclip . Do fragments of the same philosophy still exist today in ‘deep state’ agencies ? Most of the Nazi scientists transferred to the West were put to work in military research projects , primarily in the US , some in the UK .

Did the mindset prevail , did it grow , did it already exist ?

Read the information available at the links below relating to human experimentation and ‘research’ in Canada under the control of the CIA and it’s friends and decide for yourself .

  1. Quebec’s Duplessis Orphan Scandal
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  5. CIA, US, Canadians torturing, murdering children to develop Super Spies?
  6. Canadian Scientists Did Psychic Experiments on First Nations Kids
  7. The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children without parental consent
  8. Abused and experimented on, survivors of Canadian Indian school receive apology from church
  9. From Lab Rats to Psychics: Canadian Residential Schools Tested ‘Primitive’ Aboriginal Children for ESP
  10. CIA, mind control, Nazis, mk-ultra, ritual abuse information
  11. The Secret Montreal Experiments They Don’t Want You To Know About



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4 Responses to Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims

  1. truth1 says:

    one of my favorite subjects to expose. Many victims of MK ULTRA report that Mengele and Heinrich Mueller Were both in the USA doing work. Mengele wold certainly have checked in on Canadian operations, too. Even in the last 40 or 50 years, many programmers operate in more than one nation. Generally, the USA-CA-UK-Australia network. there 3 books of Mueller’s early days in the USA. After Truman, the government put him in deep under cover where he carried on.

    Its still hard to comprehend the vicious treatment of children. Interesting how Satanic cults are big part of CIA programming operations although Brice Taylor says that the CIAs programming was kept from other cult operations in some activities. many are not persuaded that Satan is real and active, but if the CIA and Cults were honest, Satan is their object of worship and obedience. He is far more than a myth. But in a brilliant move, Satan is not going to reveal himself. His followers are told not to admit his existence. Instead, a fake Jesus is going to show up and try to convince us we are all spirits inside bodies and will love on after death and have super powers. They will be throwing their lives away.


    • cultocracy says:

      Interesting truth1 , I did not know about Mueller , there is no doubt that there was a massive cover up regarding the higher ranking personnel scooped up under Paperclip , there had to be . I do not think it was a coincidence that the CIA was formed soon after WWII . It would seem that the USA-CA-UK-Australia alliance soon morphed into the Five Eyes network we see today , it would put the Gestapo to shame . Many Satanic and other cults are front operations for theses agencies , they are truly evil people . Disgusting that many of their test subjects appear to be children , mainly from deprived backgrounds . The MK research goes on unabated to this day .


      • truth1 says:

        Truman was the one to give approval to the creating of the CIA and layer said it was his biggest mistake. but I suspect he was doing as he as told. And shame on me for leaving New Zealand out. I twas just that I had direct references for it, although they long been included in the 5 eyes and listed as part of the “Echelon” network system. We we got our secret UFO tech from the Nazis and with their help, finished perfecting the guidance control system so that in 1947, they let one be spotted on Alaska and no accident that Roswell happened in the same year. Baby boomers are dated from that point, too. And we can both hope that perhaps the abusive brutality of what is done to kids and adults in MK ULTRA and related. then again, maybe that it does not get the attention it should might reflect the sad state of Humanity, long past caring about anything.

        I believe it was Kathleen Sullivan’s book “Unshackled” that mentioned Mueller and Mengele and maybe Fritz S. might have, too. Others have dished names like Candy Jones and probably others, too. My brain just does not like to cooperate at times. Muller discussed, in one of his books revealing CIA interviews that he had a guy names Arno working for him who was an expert assassin. I suspect he was a programmed assassin and very effective. He also poke of having his secretary scream to scare people while operating in Germany. but I suspect the screams were genuine Trauma based torture.


        • cultocracy says:

          Hello again truth1 , I think most of our ‘leaders’ past and present feel somehow ‘compelled’ to do what they are told , mere puppets . The UFO mania of the early years was a convenient cover story for MILAB’s and ‘lights in the sky’ , all connected to deep state research and development of EM , RADAR , missile , satellite and implant technology . Wars , real or fabricated , always provide a pretext for accelerating the research and development of technologies , it would seem that the Third Reich scientists were working on some very advanced technologies , definitely not of the ‘Alien’ UFO type though .

          Many post WWI establishment figures in Germany were members of the Thule Society which is thought to have paved the way for the Third Reich . Like most Western ‘secret societies’ the Thule Society was based on an ancient order of knights , in this case the Teutonic Knights . Fragments of similar ‘Orders’ can still be seen in Western countries , such as the Skull and Bones (US) and the Royal Arch (UK) . The belief systems of the Knightly orders was reconstructed after the Crusades , the Knights assimilated knowledge gained from Islamists in the Middle East , knowledge which they themselves had learned from the ancient Greeks and further back still the ancient Egyptians . The latter constructed ‘sleep temples’ based on crude forms of hypnosis , hypnosis (better known in medieval times as ‘witchcraft or sorcery’) was to later form the backbone of most Western ‘secret societies’ and proved to be an essential form of manipulation & control . Which eventually leads to the point we are at today with MK and other neural control technologies , the recurring theme being manipulation and control .

          The controlling individuals have a supremacist , elitist mindset , based partly on the ‘secret’ knowledge they wield . I do think that part of the mindset is related to early worship of SATAN , in the fact that Satan was viewed as a bringer of light and knowledge in certain circles , as opposed to religion in general which was viewed by the same people as opposing knowledge and ultimately opposing their transcendence to a God-like state (God like state = Rich & powerful) . Put more realistically this involved their weak and willing initiation into the upper leagues of the establishment power structures (secret societies) which granted them power to manipulate , control , subjugate and enslave their fellow man . All at a personal cost to their own humanity of course , this feeble minded personality type can be seen across the breadth of Western political (and other) power structures .

          This generalised ‘belief’ in transcendence which was once a spiritual path has now mutated into transhumanism and intelligent design .
          Of course the whole belief system could be regarded as a complete sham , pragmatists through the ages have used the technology that has been developed as a means of subversion , wealth generation and societal control , whether that be hypnotism or modern EM neural control technologies .

          As for the Nazi’s themselves , the ‘Master Race’ ? More like the disaster race , ultimately they decimated Germany and it’s people . Probably just another dialectic construct by higher powers to create a barrier against ‘Communism’ , itself a construct . A few ‘select’ people gain from every war and every dead body , it is definitely not us .


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