White Helmets – Establishment Racketeering , Terrorism & Mass Murder


White Helmets & Friends

Cultocracy note :

The following article describes a typical tactic used by the UK establishment in the quest for a perch on the global stage . Following on from the highly irregular and belated BBC Panorama TV program exposing the Syrian ‘White Helmets’ as a Western backed terrorist outfit , it would seem that the particular UK establishment mercenary gang involved has been thrown to the wolves .

To this end the BBC Panorama ‘exposé’ should be viewed more as a damage limitation exercise .

This is standard practice , the establishment will always seek to distance themselves from their many ongoing failures , although in their eyes it is not  the winning but the taking part that counts . Taking a hand in atrocities on the global stage allows the continuation of a deranged and delusional mindset which enables the illusion that they are mixing it up with ‘the big boys’ .

The gambit revolves around the potentially extremely lucrative arms sales that may follow a ‘win’ , not to mention the resources contracts .

It is a simple equation : Global instability + Terrorism = Profit .

Ultimately it is a numbers game , 99 lightly funded losses (taxpayer funded losses) are inconsequential when compared to a single win which could garner $billions for the Crown coffers and their crony corporations (non-distributable winnings) . 

Who cares if you win or lose , especially if you are gambling with somebody else’s money .

UK Gov’t Exposed For Funding Terrorist “Councils,” “Police,” And “White Helmets”

By Brandon Turbeville

The BBC has recently surprised everyone with a rare act of journalism, exposing the UK government for funding terrorists in Syria through a foreign aid programme that has dished out millions of pounds of taxpayer money over the years. The money has been awarded to groups like Adam Smith International which is then funneled to the extremists. At the focus of the BBC article is the fact that taxpayer money has been provided to the Free Syrian Police, a police force operated by “rebel” councils .

While ASI argues that the FSP is an unarmed security force, an abundance of evidence demonstrates to the contrary as anyone who pays even a shred of attention to the Syrian crisis would already know. FSP is heavily armed, heavily sectarian, units of terror employed by units of terrorists. They are, in reality, simply more terrorists employed to control and oppress the people of Syria. Of this there is no doubt.

BBC’S “Journalism” Was Done Nearly A Year Ago By Independent Media

To be clear, the report of the UK funding of the terrorist Free Syrian Police was work that was already done in January of 2017 by Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. Her article, “The ‘Free Syrian Police’ Made In The UK – Vanessa Beeley Exposes West’s Shadow State Project,” contained an interview with Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column regarding the FSP founders and the media moves to highlight the role of the FSP in the Nusra Front, ISIS, and other terrorist-occupied, region of Idlib. Still, better late than never, BBC.

However, there is much more to the story than what is being covered by the BBC. Nowhere in the BBC Panorama report is there anything incriminating the White Helmets and their own connections to the Free Syrian Police, the blatant connections of these groups to terrorists (i.e. terrorist leaders of White Helmets, FSP, etc.), recent or current atrocities committed by FSP and White Helmets, or the muddied waters of terrorist groups’ name changes so that it is more difficult to pinpoint in general terms Western support for terrorism in Syria. Thus, what BBC is doing cannot be called investigative journalism (since the investigation and the journalism was already done nearly a year ago), it is a whitewash designed to conceal the nature of the UK’s true involvement in the war on Syria, it’s funding and support of terrorism, and the reality that the White Helmets themselves are nothing more than terrorists.

Read the full article here at activistpost.com

Cultocracy note :

An explanation for the Western establishment funded ‘terrorist’ outfits can be found below .

It would seem that Russia has won the ‘tender’ for the Syrian market .

Global Conflict and Terrorism Are a Prerequisite for Lucrative Arms Deals. The World’s Major Arms Exporters

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