Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba

An update to the ‘sonic weapon’ attacks on US embassy staff based in Cuba .

Recent reports in the MSM indicate that the attacks were possibly directed energy weapons (DEW) , possibly using microwave frequencies :

Another report in the MSM which coincidentally appeared within a few days of the above articles states that a former NSA operative believes that he developed Parkinson disease due to a ‘microwave attack’ in a ‘hostile country’ :

More significant is that the MSM articles also report that embassy staff show abnormalities in brain white matter .

White matter carries connects the various parts of the brain acting as a signal messenger .

White matter has been associated with degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimers .

It is also closely related to memory function within the brain .

The MSM articles state that the embassy staff will now be monitored for life .

These portable weapons are widespread and are used as a form of domestic torture , slow kill , control and subjugation in the UK .

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