Environmental Atmospheric Filaments , Chemtrails , Chemwebs

The indiscriminate and wholesale dispersion of nano filaments and similar material in the atmosphere poses one of the largest man made threats to the natural environment to date . The filaments are literally everywhere , take a look at any dark horizontal surface in your home , this is not household dust . They are small enough to be ingested and inhaled , many are barely visible to the naked eye . The properties and chemical composition of the nano filaments are many & varied , some have been found to exhibit electromagnetic properties , others fluoresce under certain lighting conditions , others are even thought to contain biological material .

The exact reason and underlying agenda for the dispersion of the filaments in unknown , we can only speculate as to the ‘why?’ .


What is definitively known is that the projects are shrouded in complete secrecy and are supported by massive surveillance , counter surveillance & MSM disinformation programmes along with seemingly infinite budgets . The perpetrators of the crimes exist in the shadows at the highest levels of the military industrial complex and the wider corporate world .

As always , the keyword is control .

Reports regarding mysterious fibers can be found on the internet :

Most reports originate from the US where the population is more educated about clandestine programs waged against themselves by the shadow government . Although there is no doubt that this is a global issue .

The larger filaments have been termed ‘chemwebs’ . Maybe they are the product of nano filament dispersion that has in some way malfunctioned :

The non profit Carnicom Institute has conducted a mass of research into the environmental filaments .

As to the ‘why?’ , the Carnicom Institute has postulated that one or all of the following theories is correct :

  1. Environmental modification and control .
  2. Electromagnetic operations .
  3. Military operations .
  4. Biological operations .
  5. Geophysical applications .
  6. Surveillance , including RADAR & LIDAR systems .
  7. Detection of ionic disturbances .

An ongoing MSM disinformation campaign paints a different picture , namely that the filaments are merely spiderwebs .

The Carnicom Institute has recently deconstructed this lie :

Although as part of the disinformation campaign the MSM has reported that in the UK the M.o.D vis D.S.T.L have conducted experiments with weaponized spider webs .

The fact that the filaments are not spider webs is proven by chief deep state disinfo agent ‘Mick West’ , who actually states that they are spider webs . Mick (..ey Mouse) and friends operate at Metabunk.org :

In fact , not surprisingly , UK born Mickey has a slight obsession with all discourse that goes against the official narrative .

The Environmental Protection Agency in the US refused to identify samples of environmental fibers provided by the Carnicom Institute :

A sample sent to an ‘independent’ laboratory for testing was returned with a false report . The lab reported that , yes you guessed it , that the filaments were ‘spider webs’ :

The Carnicom Institute and it’s researchers have been targeted for surveillance and harassment operations :

The Carnicom Institute has also speculated on the motive for widespread environmental filament dispersion:

In 2011 the now defunct Examiner.com produced several articles by Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute :

Read a full chronological listing of research articles from the Carnicom Institute :

There are various lab test results provided by the Carnicom Institute which indicate the composition of the filaments .

A French laboratory found traces of pthalates in filament samples :

It is reported that certain filaments fluoresce when viewed under certain lighting :

Other individuals have also reported that water & soil samples contain filaments :

As is to be expected , there are very few filament test results available to the public , there is a very telling gulf between public interest in the filaments and the official response . This in itself speaks volumes .

Strange filaments have also been found in the food supply .

Fibers have also been found to infest the global water supply :

Adverse reactions to nano filaments have also been implicated in a variety of illnesses and diseases , collectively know as ‘Morgellons’ :

In 2008 the US based Center for Disease Control (CDC) was forced to conduct an investigation into ‘Morgellons’ after receiving thousands of complaints from sufferers . The study lasted three years and received a miserly amount of funding :

Not surprisingly the study implied that anybody who suffered an adverse reaction to ‘spider webs’ was probably insane :

Not surprisingly Mickey and his mates also concurred with the ‘diagnosis’ :


Geo-engineering to counter ‘global warming’ is often touted as the official explanation for atmospheric spraying programs , although it is acknowledged that that atmospheric particle injection may make a bad situation worse :

Usually ‘official explanations’ are code for ‘never let the public know what we are doing’ .  As is expected , the solution often involves the deployment of weapons of mass disruption , or even weapons of mass destruction , always under the guise of ‘helping the planet’ :


Some commentators have termed the clumped fibrers ‘nano engineered snow’ :

Our old friend Mickey is always at hand to debunk any theory that describes the filaments as anything other than ‘spider webs’ .


My ‘Spidey Sense’ is Tingling

Maybe Mickey feels an irrepressible urge to debunk the debunkers , maybe he does not exist at all , maybe Mickey et al. are actually a team of state sponsored disinfo goons , again quite telling if true:

Also quite telling is the fact that in 2015 it was reported that employees working for the US based National Weather Service (NWS) and the parent organisation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were issued with gag orders .

To quote Jeff Ruch from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) :

The National Weather Service is about the last place where national security-style secrecy rules need to be enforced. Everyone is free to talk about the weather except for the people working inside the National Weather Service. Go figure.”

Right on cue :

As always ‘Crime In Action’ want a piece of the action :

It has also been reported that in 2014 a C-130 aircraft was “caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’” :

In 2016 various internet sources reported that the Anonymous ‘hacking collective’ breached NASA servers and downloaded data which they claimed implicated NASA in weather modification programmes :

  1. Anonymous Release NASA Documents Proving Something Unbelievable
  2. Anonymous Release NASA Documents Proving Chemtrails To Be Real
  3. Version : OpNasaDrones

Right on cue again :

Although NASA does confirm that ‘Atmospheric Aerosols’ are very important :

Apparently NASA has also confessed to dosing populations with ‘Atmospheric Aerosols’ :

Apparently NASA has also tested the deployment of  ‘vapour clouds’  in space :

In 2001 employees at NASA produced a Power Point presentation given by Dennis Bushnell chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Centre . The presentation is titled ‘Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare (2025)’ :

Right on cue again :

The shadowy globalist entity the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) , which seems to dictate US policy , is also in on ‘the game’ . Not surprisingly the CFR tags ‘geoengineering’ as a cure for ‘global warming’ and not the cause of ‘global warming’ :


It has been suggested that a shadowy coalition acting behind the scenes actually control the levers of power :

Some commentators have also suggested that environmental spraying is linked to a dark trans-humanist agenda :

Nanotechnology is developing at a rapid pace :


There should be no doubt in the mind of any rational person that deep state affiliated organisations continually conduct covert testing of technology they may find useful .

This is a given .

The issue with environmental filament and chemical dispersal is that it is so widespread , it is a global issue . Experiments have been and are being conducted , some of these may be beneficial , the majority are only beneficial to a select group of maniacs and mad scientists . The disturbing side effects of the experimentation are slowly surfacing .

They are playing with the very foundations of nature itself .

Nano filaments , fibers and other particles have been called ‘asbestos’ , even by those ‘in the know’ .

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