Space Fence


Cultocracy note :

The first Air Force Space Surveillance System (Space Fence) became operational in the early 1960’s . Officially the system is designed for weather monitoring and satellite communications and tracking , it is used extensively by NASA .

The original system was under the control of the US Navy , in 2004 control was handed to the USAF . A contract to upgrade the whole system was handed to Lockheed Martin and is expected to become operational in 2019 .

The Space Fence operates at S band frequencies and is a phased array polarmetric doppler radar . This means the system can not only detect and track tiny objects , it can also detect the shape and form of an object and also its speed and trajectory . 

It would seem that certain organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about the orbital ‘shiny tin cans’ that pass over them .

Satellite technology is becoming smaller and more powerful .

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