Can We Copy the Brain?

Cultocracy note :

The quest to create artificial neural networks is accelerating . As stated in the article below it is possible to build an ‘artificial brain’ with today’s technology , which means that artificial neural networks exist today . There are various initiatives in progress which aim to map the human brain and eventually provide ‘brain related medicine’ . Big data is the current food for AI systems , big data is collected en masse by state surveillance agencies and is currently used to predict changes in society and also effect changes in society .

AI and related technologies will fundamentally change society , in the hands of the current controllers who are largely profiteers and warmongers it will be the ultimate tool of population control .


Can We Copy the Brain?

Cultocracy note :

We already have .

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1 Response to Can We Copy the Brain?

  1. truth1 says:

    I am of the opinion that despite claims and brags, We may not have yet created a brain exactly like a human, much less in the same small amount of space. Governments and militaries are great for either overstating something to sort of bluff or intimidate. Or understate something to conceal a great power or ability they they don’t want anyone looking into.

    The interaction between the conscious intellect and sub-conscious instinct, which may also serve as a macro-processing unit that you might say crunches numbers and mass amounts of data and deduces patterns. As well, the connections with the body are not distinguishable or separate. They have come a long way with AI but I am still skeptical. But for sure, they can really mess with our minds. And that is enough to put us in serious danger. Just my thoughts on the poker players in our government.


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