Brain Damage and Behavioural Disorders in Fish induced by Plastic Nanoparticles

By now most people should be aware of the continuing danger to marine life by the plastic debris and other pollutants in the Earth’s Oceans .


A recent controlled scientific study has found that freshwater fish species are also affected by plastic , although this time it is plastic nano particles . The study was conducted by a team of Swedish university researchers and is related to a specific freshwater fish species , namely the Crucian Carp .We can safely assume that most , if not all , freshwater fish species are equally affected .

The main findings of the study :

  • Algae absorbs the plastic nano particles .
  • The algae is eaten by zooplankton .
  • Fish are contaminated by eating the zooplankton .
  • The nano particles pass natural barriers in the fish to reach the brain .
  • Smaller particles had a more toxic effect .
  • Neural functioning of the fish is affected .
  • Specifically hunting and feeding behavior .
  • Effectively creating contaminated ‘zombie fish’ .

You can read the full research paper at the link below :

Recent studies have also suggested that plastic nano particles , primarily nano fibres have contaminated drinking water across the globe :


Rampant consumerism fueled primarily by corporate greed , which is itself directly connected to government corruption , is poisoning the planet .

It is also poisoning you .

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