Privacy International show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Cultocracy note :

This is not new information , most people are already aware that all electronic information is hoovered up by the $TA$I .

It is probably less well known that this information is shared with foreign governments and industry .

The bulk of the data is fed into artificial neural networks which can compute the probable result of a selective scenario involving multiple information streams .

The information is used for a wide variety of influence operations , particularly in the sphere of politics .

Propaganda , political warfare and fake news were invented by these people .


Documents obtained by Privacy International show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Key points

  • Privacy International has obtained previously unseen government documents that reveal British spy agency GCHQ collects social media information on potentially millions of people.
  • GCHQ collected and accesses this information by gaining access to private companies’ databases.
  • Letters obtained by Privacy International reveal that the body tasked with overseeing intelligence agencies’ activities (the Investigatory Powers Commissioner) was kept in the dark as UK intelligence agencies shared massive databases with foreign governments, law enforcement and industry, potentially for decades.
  • Because of Privacy International’s litigation, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner sought immediate inspection when secret practices came to light.
  • Inappropriate and uncontrolled/uncontrollable sharing with industry third parties currently remains without any proper oversight. Yet some contractors have system access rights which could allow them to enter the Agencies’ system, extract data and cover their tracks.
  • Privacy International will be back in court Tuesday 17 October to continue its challenge of the UK government’s access to private company and/or organisation databases


Social Media collection

New disclosure reveals that the UK intelligence agencies hold databases of our social media data. This is the first confirmed concrete example of the type of information collected by the UK intelligence agencies and held in large databases. The social media database potentially includes information about millions of people. It remains unclear exactly what aspects of our communications they hold and what other types of information the government agencies are collecting, beyond the broad unspecific categories previously identified such as “biographical details”, “commercial and financial activities”, “communications”, “travel data”, and “legally privileged communications”.

Read the full article here at Privacy International

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2 Responses to Privacy International show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook and Twitter accounts

  1. truth1 says:

    I think it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that their anaylzing our social media data is more than maybe. It is a guaranteed certainty. For if I were in power doing what they do, I would be mining and watching everything to the smallest detail. It could not be otherwise.


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