Man & machine will be melded into One within 20yrs – IBM expert


Cultocracy note :

Increasing evidence that the controllers have a vision of the future that does not include ourselves , or at the best , part of ourselves . The meeting of the UK select committee on artificial intelligence does include a few clues as to how humanity could be shaped and reveal the foundations for a techno-fascist total control / conditioning / eugenics grid 

All technology an be used for good or evil , technological advances always filter upwards (downwards) towards the controllers who will use it for the consolidation of wealth and power .

A global concentration camp , no more , no less .

Man & machine will be melded into 1 within 20yrs – IBM expert


A senior IBM inventor has predicted that within 20 years humans will be injected with nanomachines that will be able to repair and enhance our bodies and augment our thoughts.

In a submission to the Artificial Intelligence Committee of the UK’s House of Lords, John McNamara, who works at IBM’s Hursley Innovation Centre, said that the tiny robots will have enormous medical benefits.

“We may see AI nanomachines being injected into our bodies. These will provide huge medical benefits, such as being able to repair damage to cells, muscles and bones perhaps even augment them,” McNamara said to the committee, which is weighing up the economic, ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence.

The expert predicted within two decades humans and machines will effectively be “melded” together, paving the way for huge advancements in human consciousness.

“We see the creation of technology that can meld the biological with the technological, and so be able to enhance human cognitive capability directly, potentially offering greatly improved mental (capabilities), as well as being able to utilise vast quantities of computing power to augment our own thought processes.”

“Using this technology embedded in ourselves and in our surroundings, we begin to be able to control our environment with thoughts and gestures alone,” he added.

While McNamara’s sci-fi-sounding claims highlighted the positive developments AI will bring, another expert warned that its continued rise will come at a cost.

“The immediate concern is that by ceding decisions or control to machines, the humans start accepting their decisions as correct or better than their own and stop paying attention,” Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of AI and Robotics, University of Sheffield said.

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Cultocracy note :

A few excerpts from the transcript of the meeting of the UK select committee on AI are below . As usual the ‘product’ is being sold as helping humanity , the committee members throw in the usual references to ‘health’ and ‘ethics’ . The first paper includes comments from various establishment stooges .

Translations and comments are provided below each excerpt .

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence 

Uncorrected oral evidence: Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 10 October 2017

3.45 pm

“Professor Nick Bostrom: Over a one-decade timescale there are exciting opportunities regarding basic research. It is really beginning to open up the box of how you produce intelligence that indirectly sheds light on how the human brain works. It is interesting in its own right. There are many economic applications .”

Translation : The human brain has been mapped . It is all about money .

“Professor Nick Bostrom: Surveillance is another area where there are obvious applications .”

Translation : Total surveillance will be required for conditioning and to weed out any resistance .

“Professor Nick Bostrom: There are massive data sets, text interactions or voice recordings of people and you are able to data-mine that more effectively. Facial recognition software, which is being rolled out in China to monitor the public, would be another strategically relevant application area within 10 years and autonomous weapons might be another.”

Translation : Did you really think that mass data collection and electronic surveillance was about ‘catching terrorists’ ?

“Professor Dame Wendy Hall: The genie is out of the bottle. We will see an increasing amount of automation in every walk of life over the next 10 years .”

Translation : You are obsolete .

“Professor Michael Wooldridge: Whenever you have this capability to get software to do things it could not do before, it means there are new products, services and economic opportunities. There are huge opportunities there.

“We are absolutely at the centre of that AI revolution. This city is at the centre of that revolution.”

Translation : It is all about money .

“Professor Dame Wendy Hall: We do not have something that mimics what our brains can do, but we can now create systems that can do more than our brains can because the systems can learn from datasets over and over again …”

Translation : The human brain has been mapped . Artificial neural networks have been created . Do you still think that bulk data collection is about ‘catching terrorists’ ?

“Lord Levene of Portsoken: Earlier you said that some of the intelligence in the system is now embedded and it would be quite difficult to explain where it had come from .”

Translation : A black box ? Or a black hole for humanity ?

“Lord Hollick: Data is one of the key feedstocks for AI, and so the ownership of datasets—your personal data—and how you transact with bodies and organisations that want to use your data becomes a really critical issue .”

Translation : Bulk data collection and mass electronic surveillance is definitely not about ‘catching terrorists’ .

“Professor Michael Wooldridge: The first thing to say is that this country since 1984 has had in place robust and quite far-sighted data protection legislation .

As I say, we have excellent data protection legislation in this country—if we apply it. It is not, I have to say, being rigorously applied throughout the country at the moment.”

Translation :  Excellent data protection = Non existent data protection .

Professor Nick Bostrom: “…..but we are ultimately committed to AI and this transition to the machine intelligence era being bigger than just something that will benefit one corporation or even one nation. It should benefit all of humanity .”

Translation : A global control / conditioning / eugenics grid .

Cultocracy note :

The second paper includes testimonies from several ‘media witnesses’ . The Financial Times ‘witness’ is called Sarah O’Connor , who says the establishment don’t have a sense of humour .

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

Uncorrected oral evidence: Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 10 October 2017

4.50 pm

“Sarah O’Connor (FT) : Clearly, the opportunity and potential for AI is that it could mean a step change in productivity .”

Translation : It is all about money .

“Sarah O’Connor : The big question that people in the economics and labour market world are thinking about is: how will those gains be distributed ?”

Answer : They won’t .

“Sarah O’Connor: If people are interested, we, as journalists, have a responsibility to tell them about it, but for some organisations—and I would not include the FT in this—there is probably a temptation to chase the clicks, so the more you can write and probably the more dramatic things you can say about it, the more clicks you will get and, therefore, the better you will do .”

Translation : Mainstream media is all about hype and ‘fake news’ .

“Sarah O’Connor: …….probably more than half of our readers are really worried about this…….a lot of my readers worry about the implications and, particularly, the economic implications . There are people who are looking very far ahead and reaching slightly scary conclusions .

Translation : Some people understand how the technology will be manipulated and perverted .

“Baroness Bakewell: I have a quick question. Newspapers are chasing audiences now. The BBC, as we know, is desperate to recruit young listeners.”

Translation : The establishment controlled BBC have developed quite a reputation for ‘recruiting young listeners’ .

“Baroness Bakewell: I wondered about the simplification of things so that a mass audience can understand. Is that possible ?”

Translation : If an older and wiser audience is more skeptical then a younger audience must be ‘convinced’ of the benefits of AI via propaganda techniques .

“Baroness Bakewell: This builds on what I asked before. Should efforts be made to improve the public’s understanding of and engagement with artificial intelligence? ”

Translation : Public understanding = Establishment propaganda .

“Baroness Bakewell: Do you think the BBC has a special responsibility?”

Translation : BBC = Baroness Bakewell Company .

“Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC) : We see it as a public role to educate but, also, to entertain along the way ……….We have to be honest about it .”

Translation : BBC ? Educate ?!? Entertain ?!?!? Honest ?!?!?!?!?!?

“Baroness Bakewell: Sugar the pill?”

Would that be a red pill or a blue pill ?

“Sarah O’Connor: The quality of the reporting on AI varies from media outlet to media outlet, much as it does on every other topic .

There is a lot of good reporting out there……….”

Cultocracy note : Thank you for the compliment Sarah , I am truly flattered .

“The Chairman: This is a tricky question. Who do you think is leading the field in terms of anticipating the issues and communicating them ?”

Cultocracy note : Obviously never reads this blog .

“Rory Cellan-Jones (in answer to the above question from chairman) : To be honest, the best communicator in this whole area is Demis Hassabis from DeepMind………”

DeepMind = N.S.A & Five Eyes Consortium

“Baroness Bakewell: Let us talk about other media. What is the impact of these great fantasy films and television series? They are entirely fantastical but they encourage people to think about AI, do they not?”

Translation : Baroness Bakewell knows way more than she pretends to know .

“Sarah O’Connor: I get the feeling that the Government are at the stage of trying to figure out, as we all are, how seriously to take this and how far along the track we are. The Government probably do not know any more than the rest of us exactly where this is going.”

Correct Sarah , but the Shadow Government know exactly where this is going .

“If we remember that the individual is sovereign here—they can have contractual relationships with the private sector or with the state, but the individual’s sovereignty is paramount here—that is probably the basis on which to proceed. If we go in any other direction, I see disaster.”

Cultocracy note : The most intelligent comment from the whole debate .

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