Human Brains Will be Uploaded to Machines – Professor Brian Cox

Cultocracy note :

Articles espousing artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks are being introduced in a steady stream to the general public in a program of desensitization . Artificial neural networks are a reality and are being developed apace , many are being trialled right now . Machine learning allows the AI to ‘learn’ or program itself . The simplest way to accelerate machine learning is to give ‘The Machine’ access to electronic information streams , many modern day bulk data collection systems are geared towards machine learning . Ignore media propaganda , modern day electronic surveillance systems are not created to catch ‘terrorists’ . Another more sinister form of machine learning is to form a brain computer interface (BCI) with a human subject , involving neural implants or neural nano technology responsive to electromagnetic signaling .

Coupled with electromagnetic neural tranceiver grids a neural network based AI system could potentially be the the Big Daddy of Big Brothers .

An invisible global control grid . 

As always , the keyword is control .



Human brains will be uploaded to machines to let us achieve immortality sooner than you think, says Professor Brian Cox

You might scoff at the thought of uploading your brain to a machine in the hope of achieving mortality…but one of Britain’s top physicists says it’s very possible .

Margi Murphy – The Sun

IF you could live forever by simply uploading your brain to a computer, would you consider it?
Several high profile names including Elon Musk and ex-Googler, Anthony Levandowski, are on a quest to accelerate what’s been described as the “technological singularity”, an evolutionary step in which we merge with machines.

While the idea that we could upload our brains to a computer is pretty terrifying, it’s not confined to science fiction.

That’s according to Professor Brian Cox, who told The Sun Online that he found “no reason at all why you cannot simulate human intelligence”.

The Mancunian BBC presenter, who boasts in-depth knowledge of particle physics along with a set of graceful piano fingers (yes, he’s playing the keyboard throughout D:Ream’s iconic tune Things Can Only Get Better) said that true artificial intelligence is absolutely possible, according to quantum mechanics.

You might have heard the phrase artificial intelligence bandied about by Apple or Google, whose clever computing methods power smart assistant Siri and a massive search engine that learns how to become better at their jobs.

But these are a series of processes that appear similar to intelligence, not to be confused with “mind uploading” like that dodgy Johnny Depp flick, Transcendence.

What many future-gazers, eminent scientists and the likes of Elon Musk are hoping for is a true symbiosis between the biological and digital world.

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