Lennox Castle – Disabled Children Buried in Mass Graves

Cultocracy note :

The article below tells us that hundreds of children who were imprisoned at Lennox Castle and other Scottish institutions were buried in mass graves . Many of the children had disabilities , official causes of death include ‘organic brain disease’ and ‘congenital idiocy’ . Lennox Castle has been tied to early behavioural modification experiments overseen by the C.I.A and Mi5 , human experimentation that was a continuation of similar programmes in Nazi concentration camps . There is no doubt that similar programmes were conducted across the UK and further afield in Commonwealth countries . Experimentation that continues to this day .


Lennox Castle & Artichoke Experiments

Names of buried disabled children unearthed in mass graves revealed

By Ben Borlandhttp://www.express.co.uk

DOZENS of severely disabled children were buried in mass graves by the state after they died in Scottish psychiatric hospitals.

Youngsters from the infamous Lennox Castle Hospital in Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire, were laid to rest as recently as 1975 in a sprawling paupers’ plot alongside hundreds of adult patients.

The names of the children can be revealed publicly today for the first time as the only memorial to the dead is a small carved inscription on the wall of an abandoned churchyard.

In addition, our investigation has found children from at least two other psychiatric hospitals in the Glasgow area were buried in unmarked graves.

The revelation adds weight to the calls for the disturbing history of common burials for children in care to be examined by the Scottish child abuse inquiry.

Last week, new research revealed up to 400 children who died at the Smyllum Park children who died at the Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark had been buried in an unmarked grave in the town.

A memorial to the forgotten orphans was erected at St Mary’s Cemetery in 2004 after the scandal was first exposed, although it was previously thought that only 120 children were buried there.

However, the most recent burial by the nuns of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul – who are also accused of beating and abusing their terrified charges – was in 1964.

Remarkably, it can now be shown that the practice continued for more than a decade after this date for children who died while in the care of the NHS.

Alan Draper, from the In Care Abuse Survivors (Incas) campaign group, said it was now “imperative” that Lady Smith and her inquiry team examine Lennox Castle Hospital and other such institutions.

As this newspaper has revealed, there is evidence disabled youngsters were subjected to medical experiments while they were in these hospitals.

There are even claims that these drug trials and the testing of barbaric psychiatric techniques such as sleep deprivation and repetition were linked to a CIA-funded programme exposed in the USA many decades ago.

Mr Draper said: “It is a situation that must be explored. We asked for medical experimentation to be included in the terms of the inquiry and now it is subject to survivors and family members coming forward.

Read the full article here at the Express

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