How to Stay Sane at a Time of Increasing Insanity

Cultocracy note :

It has been a strange September , complete with weird weather , ongoing geopolitical chess games and now the obligatory Western ‘terror attack’ .

Are the conflicts and chaos somehow interconnected ?

Are various global factions fighting for technological and financial supremacy , if so who is winning , if anyone ?

Or maybe the various factions form an ongoing dialectic ?

Cui Bono .

Cultocracy note :

C.I.A whistle blower Kevin Shipp tells us to differentiate between the ‘Shadow Government’ and the ‘Deep State’ . One thing is becoming increasingly clear , the various factions are divergent from nature and the people , they are becoming increasingly erratic and uncontrollable . Like Russian Dolls there exists organisations within organisations , cliques within cliques . Group insanity is normal for the networks and their controllers , twisted and corrupted by wealth and power . Political and military powers have largely been hijacked to fuel their global ambitions and technological research . This fact has been recognized and now there is a shift towards private corporations and mercenary operators .

Cultocracy note :

The financial sector always profits from chaos , many institutions , both ‘governmental’ and private now control vast reserves of wealth and are able to operate as independent global entities . Quite often they mask themselves by hiding behind official governmental organisations .

Cultocracy note :

Erratic global weather patterns are now normal . There should be little doubt that the global grid of electro-magnetic weaponry and communications systems are the root cause . Although the primary purpose of such weaponry is far more sinister , a new arms race has been spawned .

Cultocracy note :

President Trump stated that the Parsons Green ‘terror attack’ suspect was known to the authorities , but then aren’t they all . Maybe the facial recognition system was not working . Trump has also predictably blamed ‘the internet’ and not shadow government policy .

Cultocracy note :

The introduction of new ‘security’ technology will be used to enslave you as part of the global control grid . The technology will also reap $billions for deep state corporations .

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1 Response to How to Stay Sane at a Time of Increasing Insanity

  1. truth1 says:

    just another day in paradise, eh? 😉


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