Hollywood & Pentagon Propaganda


GFP ‘Super Soldier’

Cultocracy note :

More evidence of increasing censorship of modern cinema and other popular media for the manipulation and programming of the masses .

There are obvious reasons for the intelligence and military communities to interfere in Hollywood productions , these could include propaganda for their war efforts and also attempting to shape public opinion in other matters .

Other reasons would include a form of limited hangout , where already public knowledge is presented to the masses in a form intended to actually deflect from the truth , or pour scorn on and also ridicule a particular truth .

Like most ‘civilian’ industries the scope of the infiltration and infestation in Hollywood by the deep state is huge .

You can be sure that this also applies to other popular entertainment media such as the music industry . You can also be sure that the depth of popular media control is far greater than it first seems . This censored control and regurgitation could partially explain the mediocrity of popular film , television and music .

As always , the keyword is control .

From Sputniknews.com

Documents Expose How US Government Uses Hollywood to Promote and Propagandize

The US government and Hollywood have always been close. Washington DC has long been a source of intriguing plots for filmmakers and LA has been a generous provider of glamour and glitz to the political class.

But just how dependant are these two centres of American influence? Scrutiny of previously hidden documents reveals that the answer is: very.

We can now show that the relationship between US national security and Hollywood is much deeper and more political than anyone has ever acknowledged.

The files were uncovered by Tom Secker, an independent researcher, and Dr. Matthew Alford, a teaching fellow at the University of Bath, after diligent trawling of over 4,000 US military and intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. They form the basis of the duo’s book National Security Cinema.

Among the trove are office diary reports from assorted military entertainment liaison offices, documents from the Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency on changes made to film scripts, production assistance agreements signed between military officials and film producers, and internal government communications about the entertainment industry.

The documents also make clear the US government have massively expanded its involvement in the entertainment industry since the 1990s. Mr. Secker suggests this was driven by cost-cutting initiatives during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, which almost led to the liaison offices being shut down. Motion Picture Association President Jack Valenti and others wrote to the Secretary of Defense “begging” for them to remain open .

In other cases it’s about “civilianizing” troublesome elements of a script, to distance a story’s content from the US defense establishment. For instance, Mr. Secker was “quite astonished” by the Marine Corps’ notes on Ang Lee’s 2003 film Hulk — they speak overtly of “radical changes” made to the script, including “civilianizing” the lab in which the titular green giant is created, the primary villain becoming an ex-military character (as opposed to a currently serving military officer), the removal of dialogue referring to military experiments on human subjects, and the codename for the operation to catch Hulk becoming “Angry Man” — it was originally “Ranch Hand” in the script

Read the full article here at Sputniknews.com

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