Polymer Nano Fibres Found Globally in Drinking Water

It has been reported in the Guardian that polymer fibres have been found in drinking water across the globe .

The highest rates of contamination were found in the U.S. with over 90% of drinking water affected .

European countries had the lowest rates of contamination , but this was still found to be very high at 72% .

The global rate of contamination is said to be around 83% .

The global study was conducted by orbmedia.org , which describes itself as ‘a team of experts in journalism and data science’ .

The findings suggest that the contamination is widespread , it is in your food and the atmosphere , even in your beer (sigh) .

Orbmedia contacted scientists who suggested that the contamination was due to too many people wearing fleece jackets and from washing their fleece jackets too often .

This could be true .

There could be another possible conspiracy theory explanation .

A few notes on polymer nano fibre composites :

Polymer coated nano fibres and nano tubes can spread through biological tissue and penetrate the cellular membrane and also cross the blood brain barrier .

Polymer coated nano fibres and nano tubes are used extensively in sensing applications , including bio-sensing .

Polymer coated nano fibres and nano tubes can be used as a method of viral , D.N.A or chemical transference .

Polymer coated nano fibres or nano tubes can be embedded with quantum dots .

They will stay in your body forever .

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