North Korea – The US Arms Industry’s Best Salesman


In a not too surprising development the militarized US establishment has announced that it intends to sell $billions of arms to North Korea . In a predictable and timely manner the announcement came shortly after North Korea apparently tested a H-Bomb which could also apparently be fitted to one of it’s long range missiles . Further arms sales will follow , with Japan ready to part with hard earned tax-payers cash so that the Japanese public may sleep soundly at night . It is no coincidence that both South Korea and Japan have been in Kim Jong Un’s firing line , in fact North Korea allegedly fired a missile over Japan just before the H-Bomb test . I should think that Japan would top a global list of countries that would be most fearful of a nuclear attack , for obvious reasons .

The illusion of fear is a tactic often used by sales people to part a fool from his money . It does make you wonder if Kim Jong Un is part of the racket , maybe he is on commission .

Pivot to Asia

In the past North Korea was often regarded as China’s proxy , although the relationship seems to have deteriorated in recent years , at least in public . The North Korean ‘crisis’ is a largely manufactured phony conflict designed purely for public consumption , Korea itself was embroiled in the post WWII Cold War and paid a heavy price , just for being Korea , I am sure both North & South Korea have learned a lesson from history , although the divide and conquer ruse never seems to fail .

The 1950 Korean War was a geopolitical battle between China and the US , with a sprinkling of Soviet influence , the result was a country torn apart , very similar to the situation involving countries in the Middle East at present . The once united country is now divided more than ever .

In an attempt to curb China’s rising global influence , ex US president Obama , under pressure from profiteers and warmongers announced the ‘Pivot to Asia’ , this policy was ‘put on hold’ soon after . In a weak attempt to emulate China and their policy of trade and cooperation Obama announced the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) , a policy which was never ratified and was always doomed to failure , in fact current US president Trump effectively cancelled the TPP soon after taking office . The US simply cannot compete with China in terms of trade , unless you are specifically talking about the arms trade . It would also appear that the US policy in the Middle East has now taken to the back stage , a global disaster that lined the pockets of the few at the expense of the many .

Post WWII the US was able to offer countries like South Korea security and prosperity based on trade and manufacturing , as opposed to the militarized security state offered by their Soviet and Chinese counterparts . It would seem that the roles have now been reversed . As always the shareholders of the military corporate complex will get rich , generals will be able to straddle the world stage , flex their muscles and briefly sense the illusion of power . The underlying issues of a weakening US manufacturing base and a general mistrust of the corrupt US establishment have not been addressed .

Hence the new policy , a policy that is actually an age old policy , the policy of fear .

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