Rothschild Signals Move From U.S. to Far East , The 4th Industrial Revolution


Figurehead of the Global Banking Cartel and self styled King of the Sodomites ‘JR’ Rothschild published a few markers as to what the future possibly holds for global financial markets and global industry . Several interesting pieces of information were laid out by J.R. himself in the half-yearly financial report for the RIT Capital Partners PLC investment fund .

RIT Capital is termed a ‘Flexible Investment Trust’ which is under the umbrella of the London based Association of Investment Companies (AIC) whose members hold over £100 billion in assets . A Flexible Investment Trust will invest in anything , anywhere , with a focus on long term profits . RIT capital frequently out performs rival trusts in the same group and JR is viewed by his acolytes as a Messianic figure , by others as the Pied Piper . It should be noted that any self respecting modern day Pied Piper plays a variety of instruments , the current favorite being the haarp .

JR is certainly no slouch and has his fingers in many pies , perhaps all pies , including many global ‘intelligence’ organisations , cult networks and political parties , all across the spectrum and spanning the globe . It can even be argued that the primary role of ‘intelligence’ organisations is to assist big finance with insider trading and racketeering , rather than the security and protection of the public . Most intelligence organisations are also heavily involved in industrial espionage , which could also provide a useful indicator as to where any self serving crime syndicate should invest their hard stolen cash .

A few quotes from JR himself included in the RIT report :

  • “The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end.”
  • “Geopolitical problems remain widespread and are proving increasingly difficult to resolve.”
  • “We have a particular interest in investments which will benefit from the impact of new
    technologies, and Far Eastern markets .”
  • “As the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ develops, it becomes increasingly important for your Company to be able to assess investment opportunities in the innovation-driven changes which are affecting almost every business sector.”

So , a translation of the above means that quantitative easing is ending , this was announced by the Federal Reserve in 2014 so is nothing new . It does signal the end of the large scale transfer of wealth from the public to the ‘elite’ (always substitute the word elite for parasite) . It also means that round two of the sheep shearing competition will begin , as many governments have saddled the public with large debts , as interest rates increase , so will the national debt .

JR seems to think that the ‘War on Terror’ will be an endless war , you could argue that we have been in an endless war for the last century , or even longer . The question as to why we see endless wars can be solved by a simple equation : War = Profit .

Some people doubt that dollar hegemony will ever be broken . As the pot of raw energy resources such as oil declines , then so will the dollar . Manufacturing will fill the void , electric cars , solar panels etc. China and the Far East have invested heavily in a large manufacturing base , their whole economy is based on trade & manufacturing . The continued investment in the manufacturing base also leads to innovation , again China is perfectly poised to dominate emerging technological fields .

The West , primarily the US and the UK continue to invest heavily in the military corporate complex at the expense of manufacturing , as a result lining the pockets of the few at the expense of the many . The post WWII ‘Nazi’ business model is unsustainable , unless of course you can manufacture wars . It should also be noted that military research is closely tied to big business , many ‘defence’ applications create spin-off technologies which can be adapted to the real world . In this respect he defence industry does have a singular advantage over traditional commercial companies in the same field , in that it is able to conduct covert ‘product testing’ under the guise of ‘national security’ , i.e. Do not ask us what we are doing or we will destroy and kill you .

Either way investment companies such as RIT win and win again , either by investing directly in the ‘defence’ industry , or by tapping into the market fluctuations that war brings .

Brothers in Arms or Adversarial Agents ?

It could also be argued that the military and big finance have a very close bond , not so much the traditional military but the intelligence arms of the military . Pragmatism , power and profit are the guiding principles of many a banker and spook . The evidence supporting this idea is irrefutable , the policy of many intelligences organisations is often formulated in the board rooms of energy and defence companies , amongst many other corporate bodies . The fact that many intelligence personnel see out their careers on the boards of multinational corporate behemoths speaks volumes .

Another possibility is that intelligence organisations have now ceased to work as subcontractors for outside corporations and have realised that they can actually form their own global corporate entity . Their former patrons have now become their arch rivals for global control and consolidation . This idea would still leave the military corporate complex with hard cash that needs to be placed in the safe hands of international bankers, revealing a two way partnership .

It could further be argued that as most financial transactions are now digital transactions , the groups that control electronic information flow ultimately control the levers of big finance . $TA$I snooping centres can access , intercept and decrypt the most secure systems in the digital realm , this would mean that the flow of electronic cash can be monitored and even waylaid . This could again point to a partnership , or even the reverse , a seismic shift in global financial control towards the $TA$I .

Evolution or Revolution

The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is the most interesting quote . This new industrial revolution encompasses many varied components which will bond together to form a new paradigm . Sectors such as quantum computing , artificial intelligence , genetics , nano technology and quantum communications will be at the core . The internet of things leads to the mass collection of information and data , information is forming the new gold rush which will result in the potential longer term goal of the merger of man and machine . Articles in the controlled mainstream media support this subtle form of predictive programming and provide a glimpse of a future the controllers have planned for us .

Interestingly both big finance and the military will seek to incorporate artificial intelligence into their business models , this trend is clearly visible at the present time . Both big finance and the military corporate sectors provide the major sources of funding for new technology companies .

Ultimately this may leave the average man or woman obsolete , unless of course we can also be integrated into the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ , or even disintegrated out of the ‘Fourth Revolution’ .

Maybe we are already integrated .

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