The Matrix Deciphered – Dr. Robert Duncan Pt. 2

Cultocracy note :

Dr. Robert Duncan holds advanced degrees in science and has worked for the U.S. D.o.D and related intelligence agencies on a multitude of projects . He is also the author of several books in which he uses his scientific knowledge to reverse engineer and explain the global system of mind influencing technology .



Dr. Duncan has also been a victim of the technologies that he helped to create so he is able to provide a unique perspective on the global control grid and the mind set of the controllers .

Dr. Duncan has appeared in many videos and talk shows in the alternative media discussing his findings .

The main points from his 2006 book ‘The Matrix Deciphered’ are listed below :

  • The system was created from knowledge gleaned from Nazi scientists who were secreted into Western military research agencies under ‘Operation Paperclip’ after WWII .
  • A parallel system was instigated in the Soviet Union also using knowledge from captured Nazi scientists .
  • The system uses ground based phased radar arrays and satellite technology which can accurately target an individual .
  • The system uses heterodyned energy beams across multiple frequencies .
  • The system is based on Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) which can be used to read the state of individual neurons in the brain .
  • The system is global in reach .
  • The system has been in use for decades and is constantly being scaled upwards in size .
  • The system itself is controlled largely by super computer powered A.I.
  • The system is used primarily for political and financial control .
  • Social engineering and eugenics are a longer term goal .
  • The system uses directed EM energy to torture , murder & mind control targets .
  • The wider system is under the control of the U.S. D.o.D and the C.I.A. and is franchised out via the Five Eyes countries to other N.A.T.O countries .

As of this time I cannot find a copy of the book on the internet ? Hmmmm ?

It would appear that his research is being suppressed , maybe all of the books have been burnt , or maybe the book never made it to print ?

Although there is a pre-release electronic copy floating around the internet , I have included links to the pre-release copy at the bottom of this article .


A summary of a part of the pre-release copy forms the basis of this article , below are excerpts from ‘The Matrix Deciphered’ . I have split the article into two (now three) as it would have been quite long . I have added the images myself .

If you would rather read part 1 first for background information it can be found here …

The Matrix Deciphered

“Remember. All I offer you is the truth.”


While active denial of even the acronym TEMPEST, which is well known in the defense industry, is still in effect, it is the standard known to determine how much electromagnetic shielding is needed to thwart an attempt at reading the energy from monitors, TVs, or computers at a distance and reconstructing the information. This is the TEMPEST standard for military labs.

MIND is the acronym for the top secret project of electromagnetic mind control. It stands for “Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator”. This is just a fancy phrase that means EEG cloning.

TAMI stands for “Thought Amplifier and MIND Interface”. It seems to be a second generation system built on top of MIND.

The acronym for the kill mode weaponized software of this technology is SATAN, “Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons”.

While the CIA has a whole bag of “tricks” to menticize people, the drugs can leave a trace of metabolic residue or a signature of damage that they leave in the body and brain. So SATAN has become the preferred method of silent assassination in the agencies with the best “plausible denial” rating .

Mind magicians, mood mystros, and electronic illusionists

Sociopaths occur both naturally from childhood traumas, genetics, or life experiences effecting people in unpredictable ways. Of interest to the CIA and some military divisions with assassins is how to create them. How can a Manchurian Candidate or programmed assassin be created is the question the MKULTRA mind control experiments help answer.

The basic steps that they use in the extreme can be experienced in milder forms such as boot camp in the military or cults.

The only new twist to these horrific acts of experimentation and brutality to children and others destined by the corrupt elements in the government to perform programmed assassinations on command is that the MKULTRA programming can now be done completely wirelessly using TAMI, and various neural programming techniques. Less evidence, fewer memories, and more plausible denial makes this a great leap forward for the MKULTRA mind control chuckleheads who operate the systems and who are undoubtedly programmed using similar techniques.

zombie-hitlerPlease pay attention, ignore the man behind the curtain! This is how the mind melding works. EEG Cloning (i.e. mind melding) or synchronizing of brainwaves has been known for half a century. The German Nazi scientists conducted countless brutal medical dissection on Jews. Not only were the Nazi’s close to building an atomic bomb but from these experiments they had figured out how to control the human mind with just electromagnetic energy.

These scientists were divided up between the Russians and the US after WWII. They were brought over to the United States under project Paper Clip. For their loyalty they were forgiven for their war crimes. The U.S. and USSR began a new arms race. The first population wide system came online sometime between 1953 and 1960. These systems often are disguised as over-the-horizon radar or ionosphere research projects.

The most basic mode first discovered was a simple amplification of brain waves. There are a couple patents that describe this in detail in the patent office. By feeding back EEG like waveforms into the same brain one amplifies thoughts.

It is a good way to “incapacitate a target” as the military literature describes.

In the patents that define this system, they used directed microwaves. But now what happens if you instead amplify one persons EEG signals by some method into another person’s brain? That person would begin to think like the person’s whose brain waves were being cloned onto him.

It turns out that there are many methods and biochemical and biophysical mechanisms to induce synchronized brain entrainments. Three recent Sony patents use Ultrasonics to transfer the energy and signals. Other researchers have used magnetic coils, and electromagnetic frequencies that seem to traverse the spectrum up through microwaves.

Even the modes of neural pathway induction vary from pulsed waveforms encoded by the pulse duration and timings to continuous ELF amplitude and phase modulated signals. It appears from the literature that many things work. Even sound and light flashing can entrain peoples‟ brains to follow the simple patterns.

The hive mind EEG cloning experiments involve 2-6 people typically in a test cell. Cloning someone’s mind onto someone else changes their personality and behavior. But in the best conditions, the entire body and will are taken over. “Forced speech” is one of the unsettling capabilities of the technology and the term used by people who have been given demonstrations of it.

Do you comprehend the magnitude of this discovery and technology yet?

The black magic practiced by the psychic warriors is mostly illusions and tricks of the mind. The game of ‘psychic’ soldiers is to cause errors in thinking and perceiving.

In a near sensory deprivation setting, the heterodyned attacker sees in his mind’s eye the same visual scene as the target.

Another capability of the system “is to drive the target crazy with voices” as one colonel published. This is like having a crying baby and a cell phone you can’t turn off duck taped to each ear. If the conversation is bad enough it could drive someone crazy over time.

Another Colonel said, “If you can project voices into the enemy, I will talk them to their death.”

Examples of Electronic Warfare capabilities and Other Types of Directed Energy

The same RADAR and global surveillance grid of directed energy can be used for many
other purposes than just human nervous system manipulation and disruption.

Remember the game, more terrorism, more fear, more money and power for the defense industry.

I am extremely disappointed that the majority of terrorism and psychos can be tracked right back to the CIA/DoD shadow government.

I have worked in both industry and for the Department of Defense on pattern recognition systems and artificial intelligence. I recognized much of my own type of work in TAMI’s algorithms.

Resonant Feed Forward Neural Network for Speech Recognition

There are many artificial neural network models. One popular one is called back propagation. Speech recognition software often uses classification algorithms called Markov Modeling.

The Stanford Research Institute demonstrated an EEG inner voice recognition system back in the 70s. It classified certain brainwaves of a person’s thinking about speaking a word and it recognized the phonetic decomposition and spoke it aloud from a computer. This technology went black for several decades.

Sequential Brain Wave Entrainments for Speech Recognition in the
Wernick center of the human brain

The other discovery for civilian scientists I would like to emphasize during the technology transfer demonstration for me by the DoD/CIA is that language, words, and sentences are created from time sequenced frequency “modes”.

This is where the output of the neural network is looped back as the next state or inputs into the beginning of the network.

Demonstrations of precognitive phoneme, word, and sentence classification, a subsystem of TAMI

People speak in fairly predictable sentence patterns. The sentence predictor software learns an individual’s sentence patterns over months of training samples, correlating the precognitive word formations with the actual utterances.

The Navy has done the most research in this area in regards to reading EEG signals for faster reaction times.


However, this software’s actual purpose is to be used to help with “locking on” to a host mind by helping the psychic soldier begin the same cognitive and linguistic brain patterns as the host so as to synchronize the entrainments more precisely.

For a personality type that is not in the human MIND database, EEG cloning takes a while to occur.

One simple method of breaking the cloning lock involves word games. By speaking
nonsensical sentences that can’t be predicted by the software and that the other person must think about to understand, the mind patterns separate for a brief time until the psychic attacker can reacquire the host brain patterns. Bilingual speakers can break the lock by switching to another language.

Neuromarketing has appeared many times in innovation and then disappeared. If the
microwave hearing effect can be used to pipe in voice commands directly into the
subconscious mind, you can imagine how powerful a marketing tool it would be. But for now, the DoD and intelligence communities circle around like vultures to intimidate any who works on such technologies. This is still a forbidden area of research. You must go abroad to work on it.

Elisa and Natural Language Processing Using Phonemes From Brain Waves

Elisa was a computer program back in the 70’s which demonstrated artificial intelligence. Elisa fooled about half the people who communicated with it into believing it was a real human being on the other end.

Now, fast forward 35 years and instead of parsing natural language phrases from
keystrokes, it recognizes phonetic brain waves and parses them into words and sentences for artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Now the tortures and menticizations can scale to entire populations through this automation.

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing were other areas of interest that I studied at Harvard.

Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) was first introduced into the Army and pursued as a weapon by the infamous Col. John Alexander. These brain washing techniques fit quite intuitively into the capabilities of TAMI.

I endured about 2 months of this kind of repetitive programming which basically consists of repetitive overt suggestion very similar to a technique called psychic driving invented by the CIA paid torture specialist Dr. E.Cameron.

Synthetic Telepathy

Phoneme recognition uses some brain waves from the premotor cortex for tongue, mouth and throat and the audio cortex recall to be amplified and rebroadcast into another mind which is then perceived as speech and sound. This was first demonstrated with EEG probes at the Stanford Research Institute.

System Flaws with TAMI

Almost everyone who is EEG heterodyned and not just cloned, hears a tinnitus at some
point. If a psychic cloner is just replicating your brain waves onto his, there is no feedback loop. Feedback only occurs when the psychic is trying to influence you in a two way brain entrainment lock.

The tinnitus is caused by several signals, but the loudest steady state tone is due to the feedback loop generated from the host’s hearing, being amplified to the parasite and mixed with his brainwaves, and then amplified again and sent back to the host. The feedback frequency is usually around 11,111 hertz.

Most victims of government practice torture and kill programs die unnatural deaths from car crashes, heart attacks, suicide, and cancer that the weapons test program managers justify mostly as secondary effects from the testing.

NASA conducted mind control on children as testified by an astronaut. The children who are grown up now were involved in MKULTRA like programs and have recovered most of their memories.

Once you understand what EEG cloning is, you can see how ridiculous these big bad
psychic attackers really are. Everything you feel, they feel amplified and vice versa.

If they are able to raise your sensitivity levels to paranoid through the stalking program and threats, you will begin to attribute every bad luck event in your life to them. This creates an illusion that they have lots of power over your life. Be logical and practice double checking your conclusions.

Visual imagery of daemons and such that victims report as holograms or materializations are often used to frighten the more superstitious and religious types. This is the traditional haunting and ghost imagery method.

I do not want to take away from the fact that the prolonged experimental process is
incredibly debilitating due both to the constant various pain and a severe distraction of noise piped into your head. It will to say the least ruin your life as you had planned it. But you need to accept your temporary slavery status, and move towards educating more people. The mass information streams have been locked up, so grass roots efforts and some creative thinking is needed to scale and spread this information.

EDOM and False Memory Implant Techniques

Another CIA program that was released to the public many decades ago and is very much wrapped up into the current expansion of directed energy weapons testing on US citizens was called, EDOM (electronic dissolution of memories). It is a technique to accelerate memory decay of previously stored memories and to block short term memory from becoming long term memory.

This is why hypnosis can recover memories from children who were abused under the
MKUTLRA mind control program.

Reading Human Resonances Absorption Spectra through RADAR

I would like to explain one technique of how brain waves can be read and influenced by electromagnetic energy.

Imagine the brain being a complex mesh of switches. When electromagnetic waves of the electrical resonance frequency of the wire mesh strike it, it absorbs the energy and begins to oscillate like an antenna on your car radio. This is how
radar works by looking at what frequencies bounce back, scatter, get absorbed, or pass through an object.

The brain resonates at roughly 450-800 MHz in adults depending on many factors. Basic microwave communication hobbyists have known this for many decades. So if we look at the neuron and what gives rise to the electrical and magnetic fields in the brain, we see that the voltage sensitive sodium ion gates open and close during the depolarization process.

The phase, amplitude, and frequency of the changing resonance of the brain gives all
the information about the brain’s ion gates. The return radar signal tells where, when, and how many of these switches are closed and open. This is true with all objects and electrical appliances.

So it is not a great scientific mystery how the brain’s electrical activity can be read through RADAR nor the heart beating through whole body or organ resonance in a similar fashion.

Other additional signal processing methods like Doppler RADAR adds another

It isn’t surprising that a major defense contractor in microwave antenna design
rediscovered a mind reading and influencing RADAR technique given that they are experts with antenna resonance designs.

It has become common folklore in culture that brain waves cannot be read by satellites. The people who claim this and the other technology secrets have been exiled to the land of paranoids and the “mentally ill”. While satellites are used for the infrared imaging and visual imaging portions of the integrated global surveillance system, they are not the most probable source and antenna for reading of human bio-signatures. The disinformation agents have been so successful with this campaign that the mere mention of the technology to government agencies will have you locked up in a psych ward for three days to add insult to injury for those experimented on.

Just using back of the envelop calculations we can show the feasibility of these
technologies being done by a constellation of satellites or a large phased array of terrestrial antennae.

Fact #1: SQuID transformers have a sensitivity of 10-15 Teslas or 10-32 Joules. They can measure the smallest detectable change in a second or equivalently the work required to raise a single electron 1 millimeter in the Earth’s gravitational field.

Fact #2: There are over 100 satellites available for remote sensing the terrestrial landscape in the sky at any time.

Fact #3: We will use 1000 miles as the average Earth orbiting micro constellation of spy satellites‟ average altitude. Satellites orbit between 600 miles to 28,000 miles above the Earth.

Fact #4: The brain gives off a few femto-Teslas of magnetic flux. The heart gives off 50,000 fT. A depolarizing neuron at its surface creates 70 millivolts and an average ionic current of Amps. The brains electrical activity at the surface of the scalp is in tens of microVolts.

Fact #5: A small dipole antenna (piece of metal) cut to operate at 402Mhz like the ones removed from many “alien ” abductees radiates 2.5 milliWatts from the head and
1.25 milliWatts if implanted in the chest if that person is radiated with 1 Watt of power. Biotelemetry and neural telemetry are well studied fields but science fiction to the general public.

First let’s approach it from an implant perspective. Also assume we know the exact
location of the target of interest. Since there are so many target tracking methods used in the military systems, this is a reasonable assumption.

2.5×10-3 Watts will weaken by the square of the distance if radiated equally in all directions. So the needed sensitivity by a satellite would be :

(2.5 x 10-3/(1000 miles x 1.6129 x 103meters/mile)2) x 100 satellites
= 9.61×10-14 Watts or 9.61×10-14 Joules per second.

So that’s within 15 orders of magnitude plausible.

That’s an easy feat with just one SQuID transformer satellite. In fact just a constellation of large antennas would do the trick. But triangulation precision
would be a must. With 100 satellites, you could precisely pinpoint and track that person .

But I remind you, that ground based mile long phased arrays bounced off the ionosphere is the most likely source since superconductivity was not discovered until after the first government neurological torture testing began in the early 1960’s.

So how can so many people be monitored and tracked by such a system? If the source is correct, 25 million people can be tracked and controlled through the brain/machine interface. If brain waves don’t extend much beyond 2 Kilohertz, then a time multiplexing scheme like what cellular phone transmitters use would work.

Currently published RADAR capabilities go into the Terahertz frequency range or sub-millimeter wavelength well within the bandwidth required.

So can bio and neural telemetry be done without an implanted dipole or microstrip
antenna? RFID chips have shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. But, are they necessary at all?

No, not according to full spectrum RADAR signature analysis or according to the Malech Patent. Just the changes in the brain resonances due to ion channeling is easily detectable from a return signal from these RADAR and other surveillance method sources with many orders of magnitude sensitivity to spare. The math does not lie no matter how unintuitive it is.

You can get a sense of the sensitivity of the technology just by observing the edges of the universe (9 billion light years away) with pictures from the Hubble space telescope.

Everyone has a unique body resonance signature, heart beat signature, and brain wave print. No RFID chip or dipole antenna is needed anymore to do biotelemetry. Another point of reference to RADAR sensitivity can be seen with commercial weather satellite RADAR which can detect birds or even insects.

It is so frustrating to see such ignorance amongst the psychology community, policing community, and FBI.

It is difficult to get people up to speed in science and technology if they don’t have an interest and are already biased or programmed with disinformation. Psychic warfare has been going on for four decades mostly practiced on the citizens.

Using the psychology community to discredit victims of the practice kills and mind control programming, they have successfully been able to keep the truth of the technology under wraps and a taboo to even mention without the immediate conditioned response of that person is crazy who dares speak of cutting edge neural telemetry and psychophysics.

We have all sorts of laws that say the CIA and NSA can’t spy on US citizens and human experimentation is banned, but who can enforce the laws if the executive branch is corrupt, illegal, and illegitimate?

Attacking the chain of command

Let’s ponder the power of EEG heterodyning as a weapon. In a hierarchy of command
where people cannot question authority, how many people’s minds would you have to
influence to take control of the whole structure? One. Everyone else’s orders come from him/her. This assumes that no one is bold enough to question the orders of course. So military command structures are extremely vulnerable to a takeover.


There are few safe guards to watch them or question them especially if the secrecy
directive is used. How many people need to be controlled or influenced to take over
Congress? How about the judicial branch? Not many, and the whole country would then
follow suit.

Is it incompetence, or treason ?

Directed Energy

GPS (global positioning system) works on the principle that one calculates position from the timing of the satellite pulses which arrive at slightly different times.

Satellites are better sensors than powerful emitters. It would make more sense to use giant radar fields known as ionospheric heaters to bounce their phased 10 gigawatt energy fields off the atmosphere back to spots on Earth.

Similarly, one could use extremely high powered directed energy weapons from satellites to converge their energy onto one point using phased array beam steering or high powered masers. Ignoring the obvious assassination application, it can be used to increase the resolution of MRI/ESR and other imaging techniques. At the intersection, the phase/frequency/amplitude is calculated such that the full energy for a duration of time is maximized in the magnetic field by modulating a very low sideband and destructively heterodyning the beams high frequency carriers.

During that increased magnetic field another radio or higher frequency signal can be used for the excitation of the electron spins or magnetic nuclei for the relaxation photons to be collected and viewed.

Here is another brain teaser for you. Suppose you have two laser beams with perfect
monochromatic (one frequency) and coherent (in phase) wave fronts. The beams each
enter a cube made of two right angle prisms. The cube acts to combine the beams and
project it onto a screen. One laser is moved 1⁄2 wavelength further from the cube than the other. If one laser is operational you will see a spot on the screen. But if they are both operational you will not. Why? Where does the energy go?


Why is this relevant? It demonstrates how to make pin point high energy waves anywhere on Earth via directed energy weapons with constructive interference of energy sources.

EM or microwave pulses. Destructive interference mode beams like in the laser example above create “scalar” waves that can travel tremendous distances with high intensity fields without burning the object of interest and reflect back with tremendous signal to noise ratio.

More on this technique later.

Cultocracy note :

We can only speculate as to the longer term ambitions of the controllers of the technology , to glean any information requires a counterintuitive approach towards both the information and disinformation streams . Sometimes it is more informative to ‘listen’ to what a person does not say , rather than what they do say .

Other countries outside of the Five Eyes crime & corruption syndicate are now in possession of similar technology , backroom deals are being negotiated to limit the spread , it is already too late .

The paradox is that the more people they involve in their scheme , the more people will become aware of what is actually happening , thereby digging deeper their own graves .

The secrecy , lies , deceit and corruption regarding this technology is of a magnitude never seen before . The power it gives the controllers is unimaginable to the general population , from corrupting the political system , intellectual property theft , rigging elections and much , much more .

These crimes are only a means to an end , the finance and control generated is the glue that binds the corruption , secrecy and lies together in an all encompassing web .

Grander designs , involving the shaping of humanity are the end game .

This is a subtle and gradual creeping process , the vast majority of the population will be completely unaware of , for now .

Nobody can hide from the truth .

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