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Some commentators question the legitimacy of Assange and Wikileaks . There is no doubt that Wikileaks is a conduit for rival deep state organisations to publicize information , whether that information is factual or part of an intended disinformation programme is for us to decide .

The Vault 7 leaks do show that deep state groups are hungry for your information and data , ravenous in fact . This is nothing new , the big question is how they use the information and data .

A closer look also shows that intelligence gathering systems are big business , they are often marketed globally and generate huge revenue .

One of the latest Vault 7 dumps called ‘Express Lane’ does show that there exists inter-agency rivalry , they do not trust each other . Not surprising really considering the delusional , paranoid cult-like mindset that exists in the parallel universe known as ‘intelligence’ , better known as organised state racketeering .

Background information gleaned from the leaks reveal several pervasive themes :

  • Close links between many supposedly private and commercial companies and the ‘intelligence’ agencies .
  • Close links between the same supposedly private companies and supposedly independent ‘advisory’ bodies .
  • Multinational defence corporations are usually involved , in this particular case Northrop Grumman .
  • Once a ‘front’ company is founded the snooping system is rolled out on a global basis . Intelligence for Intelligence’s sake is big business , usually sold on a false premise such as the ‘War on X’ (Replace ‘X’ with whatever flavour of fear mongering and false flaggery is the current trend) .
  • The intelligence gathering systems are usually reinforced with the introduction of peripheral domestic programmes in various countries , no doubt paid off politicians and complicit stooges are purloined for this process .
  • Human beings are viewed increasingly as a commodity that can be bought and used , just like items in a supermarket .
  • ‘Stocktaking’ of the global population seems to be a priority . Knowledge is power .
  • A willingness of the UK security establishment to embed any ‘security system’ produced by the US intelligence apparatus into the blanket surveillance of the UK population .
  • The same eagerness from other countries forming one of the many Five Eyes Franchises .
  • A few people become extremely wealthy at the expense of the taxpayer .

The Express Lane dump

From the Wikileaks website :


24 August, 2017

Today, August 24th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes secret documents from the ExpressLane project of the CIA. These documents show one of the cyber operations the CIA conducts against liaison services — which includes among many others the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The OTS (Office of Technical Services), a branch within the CIA, has a biometric collection system that is provided to liaison services around the world — with the expectation for sharing of the biometric takes collected on the systems. But this ‘voluntary sharing’ obviously does not work or is considered insufficient by the CIA, because ExpressLane is a covert information collection tool that is used by the CIA to secretly exfiltrate data collections from such systems provided to liaison services.

ExpressLane is installed and run with the cover of upgrading the biometric software by OTS agents that visit the liaison sites. Liaison officers overseeing this procedure will remain unsuspicious, as the data exfiltration disguises behind a Windows installation splash screen.

The core components of the OTS system are based on products from Cross Match, a US company specializing in biometric software for law enforcement and the Intelligence Community. The company hit the headlines in 2011 when it was reported that the US military used a Cross Match product to identify Osama bin Laden during the assassination operation in Pakistan.


The latest Wikileaks dump lays bare the ongoing battle for big data , your data .

As a bonus the alphabet agencies can make piles of cash whilst gathering your data .

The Five Fingered Freak Show are always in the thick of it .

Corrupt & complicit politicians roll out the red carpet for the the installation of these systems .

The bigger picture is military grade artificial intelligence (A.I.) .

As always the keyword is control .

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2 Responses to CIA Biometric Data Collection – Express Lane

  1. truth1 says:

    I do see one aspect of the extreme surveillance that is part of a likely deal tween God and satan.It has to do with separating the sheep from the goats; the wheat from the tares. Coming up is a 7 year period where the False God/messiah of the NWO is introduced and “preaches” for 3.5 years, even Jesus did in his day. At the conclusion of the 3.5 years, the “phony Jesus” (antichrist) will require a contract/covenant with all the people of the the world. Those not accept that contract (Christians) will be locked away in camps and prisons, forever they will be told, but it will only be for the 2nd 3.5 years. During that 2nd 3.5 years, a very substantial portion of the world population will be killed off. But Christians, though incarcerated, will be spared this fate as a result. At the end of that full 7 years (3.5 + 3.5), the antichrist will be mysteriously found dead. The nations will choose to wipe out Babylon the Great, the plague behind our suffering, and will let Christians go free and even give them settlements of compensation. Then the nations will regret having been so nice to Christians and will to despoil them, only to be wiped out by God thru His Son.

    But it is that separation of who is and who is not, that I am sure will be a part of who gets to hide out in prison, which actually, when you get down to it, is our preservation, not our punishment. Not just anyone can qualify. The intelligence gathered will likely be part of that separation determination. But the orders of God. So really, the only ones to suffer greatly from the intelligence gathering will be who who accept that stupid deal from the false Christ.. they will die as soon as we are all locked away, supposedly forever. But we know better. We need not fear this, IF we get right with God, of course. Otherwise, we should be very afraid.

    We are very close to the introduction of the liar. The 7 years then begin. That is the day and hour. Once it starts, the mystery is pretty much over. But then again, I might just be a reed being tossed about in the wilderness.


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello truth1 , you may be right . There does appear to be an underlying longer term goal to sieve and reduce the population . Although if we consider how ‘intelligence gathering’ has now entered a new realm beyond the shorter term goals of financial acquisition and having a technological edge over rivals , we should all question whether the controllers have the interests of humanity and the Earth as their goal or something far more sinister . History tells us that they only ever think of themselves .


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