Electromagnetic Stimulation of Genetically Modified Mice

Cultocracy note :

I stumbled across this article at SOTT , interestingly the link to the actual research page at elifesciences.org is now broken .

Hmmmmm .

It was working a few hours ago . This could be coincidental .

Especially as the research was widely reported .

Or maybe it was related to the comments on the SOTT article .


Or maybe the bunker based book burners have been working overtime .

The legions of computer goons paid for by your tax money often hack links on websites that could expose their controllers methods and madness . Another tactic is to change the location of the article on the server .

Always make a hard copy of any information or any web page you find useful .

$TA$I censorship is currently in full flow .

Q : What have they got to hide ?

A : Lots .

Electromagnetic Stimulation of Genetically Modified Mice


Military & Intelligence Research

Scientists at the University at Buffalo , USA , conducted the research into genetically modified mice and mind control .

A brief overview of this particular technique .

i) Genetic Insertion of TRPV1 Protein into a mouse brain (or human brain)

  • The neuronal cells of a mouse (or human) are genetically modified to express the TRPV1 protein (transient receptor potential vanilloid 1) .
  • Small clusters of neuronal cells can be accurately targeted .
  • The TRPV1 protein is responsible for temperature regulation in the body , the protein is also linked to feelings of heat and pain in the body .
  • The TRPV1 protein is known as a capsaicin receptor .
  • The receptor can be activated by various stimuli including chilli peppers , capsaicin is the active component for heat in a chilli pepper .
  • The receptor can also be activated by the application of heat .
  • The receptor TRPV1 is also a cannabinoid receptor .
  • TRPV1 along with the endocannabinoid system in the mammalian brain has also been linked to vision .
  • TRPV1 has also been linked to learning and memory .

ii) Magnetic Nano Particles Injected into the Brain

  • Magnetic nano particles are injected into a specified region of the mouse brain (or human brain) .
  • The targeted area of the brain was extremely small , around 100 micrometers or the width of a human hair .
  • The nano particles attach to neuronal cells which have been modified to express the TRPV1 protein .
  • These particles exhibit a property called superparamagnetism .
  • When an external electromagnetic field is applied to the particles their magnetism can flip randomly .

iii) Application of an external Electromagnetic Field

  • The application of an electromagnetic field causes a temperature rise in the nano particles .
  • This temperature rise ‘activates’ the TRPV1 receptor on a neuron .
  • This causes the ion gate in the cell to open and the neuron subsequently ‘fires’ or is ‘activated’ .
  • An alternating magnetic field could be produced by an alternating current , for example from the power supply in your home .
  • Most electrical items in your home will produce an electromagnetic field .
  • An alternating magnetic field could be produced from a directed electromagnetic frequency .


Using this particular method a small area the brain can be ‘activated’ , the activated region depends on where the nano particles have been injected and mimics the natural neuronal firing pattern when a bodily function is expressed .

The ‘activated’ brain area can correspond to any bodily function ;

  • Stimulating cells in the motor cortex caused the animals to run .
  • Stimulating cells in the striatum caused the animals to turn around .
  • Stimulating a deeper region of the brain caused the animals to freeze .


These areas can be sub-divided even further .

The research team stated :

“The next step in the research is to use magneto-thermal stimulation to activate — and silence — multiple regions of the brain at the same time in mice.”


University Research

Cultocracy note :

A Mengele inspired crazy control freak’s wet dream , not that we should worry , we are not controlled by crazy control freaks , are we .

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