Trumped by the Afghanistan Eclipse

President Trump has made a predictable u-turn and has announced extra funding and troops for the fork of the ‘War on terror’ which is the quagmire called Afghanistan , the place where empires go to die . Trump has mulled over the possibility of a complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan , the new strategy involves a protracted ‘open ended war’ .

Also predictably a cowed and controlled mainstream media has reported this new strategy as ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘keeping America safe’ , it would seem that the ‘new strategy’ is actually the age old strategy employed by the corrupt military corporate complex . Although some mainstream media outlets are slowly learning to tell the truth .

Trump made the decision to increase US troop levels in Afghanistan after meeting with US military leaders on the 19th of August . Prior to meeting military leaders Trump met with the C.E.O of American Elements , the appropriately named Michael Silver , apparently Silver wants Trump to nationalize American Elements . Another main Trump ‘advisor’ pushing the new policy was billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Feinberg , who is described on Wikipedia as a ‘major Republican donor’ and a ‘top economic advisor’ . Another ‘businessman’ who advised Trump was Erik D. Prince , founder of private mercenary firm Blackwater Worldwide . Proof that in US politics the tail wags the dog , just like the UK .


BREAKING : Fallon to be awarded the coveted Golden Poodle tomorrow !

Trump has stated that he expects other NATO allies to follow suit and increase their military presence in line with the US . The fawning UK Defence secretary Michael Fallon immediately pledged allegiance with Trump by stating that the UK would send an extra 85 ‘military advisors’ to Afghanistan to train opium addicted locals to fight the phony war , a policy that has so far failed . Laughably Fallon claimed it was necessary for Western troops to remain in Afghanistan in order to “help build up its fragile democracy and reduce the terrorist threat to the West” . These weak and all too willing specimens of humanity really do live in another world . Their world is full of greed , contempt , lies , death and destruction .

In reality the new strategy revolves around China’s dominance of the global trade in Rare Earth Metals . Rare Earth metals have unique properties and are crucial for the production of military hardware as well as commercial electronics . The US establishment view the control of Rare Earth Metals as pivotal in maintaining a lead over China in their maniacal quest for global control and full spectrum dominance . Not to mention the fact that if the ‘new strategy’ pays off a select group of individuals will become extremely wealthy , even wealthier than they are at present . All at the taxpayers expense of course .


 Cultocracy note :
The military has generally been used as an arm of the global ‘elite’ in the plan for global plunder and conquest . More worryingly the whole strategy is now officially being placed in private , unaccountable hands , with the involvement of Blackwater et al . These mercenary gangs have wreaked havoc across the globe under the protection of high ranking establishment figures who seek only to line their pockets at the expense of us mere mortals .
All wars have to be financed , mercenaries cost money , lots of money .
Expect even more opiates on the streets of Western cities in the near future .
Maybe this is part of the ‘new strategy’ .

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