Child Abuse Inquiry Member Silenced to Ensure Theresa May Became PM

Cultocracy note :

More evidence of the whitewash that is the ‘Independent’ Child Sex Abuse Inquiry . Sharon Evans runs the DotCom Childrens Foundation and was on the panel for the inquiry which was started in 2015 .

Sharon Evans felt that the inquiry was in no way independent and that information was being suppressed under guidance from the Home Office . Ms. Evans was threatened and told that if she spoke publicly regarding her concerns then she would be targeted and publicly discredited .

Current UK Prime Minister Theresa May was credited with starting the inquiry . Ms. Evans stated :

“I was taken to one side and it was made clear to me, I was told that Theresa May was going to be the Prime Minister, this inquiry was going to be part of this, and that if I didn’t toe the line and do as I was told, if I tried to get information out, I would be discredited by her advisors.”

Conclusion :

The duplicity of the puppet politicians in the UK knows no bounds , they serve only themselves and their masters , not the public . The deep state orchestrated and organised the child sex abuse to blackmail and control high ranking figures , control which continues to this day . The contempt with which the establishment hold the public is laid bare , May is obviously controlled and therefore complicit .

The inquiry was set up to fail .

If completely independent the inquiry would expose a vast network of Mi5 controlled paedophile rings and the heads of many high ranking establishment figures would roll . Moreover a truly independent inquiry would reveal the tactics of exploitation and mind control used on many of the victims , victims who are always at the lower end of the social spectrum and are viewed as worthless and expendable .

As always , the keyword is control .

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