Amazon , C.I.A , Big Data & Artificial Intelligence – Future Warfare


Black Box

As reported in the mainstream media this week Amazon founder Jeff Bezos briefly overtook Bill Gates as the world’s richest man . Somewhat coincidentally at the same time , alternative media sites reported that a whistle blower had exposed CIA & NSA collusion with Amazon . The whistle blower stated that whilst working as an IT technician at an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server site in Oregon , USA , he uncovered CIA / NSA servers linked to private AWS servers . This would allow the deep state to spy on any data held on the AWS servers , data primarily owned by private companies or individuals . The whistle blower also stated that he reported the matter to his supervisors and since then he thinks he has been under surveillance , the unnamed whistle blower worked at the AWS sites from 2011-2012 .

It would seem that the IT guy became the TI guy .

The reports are unverified although if true more facts should emerge in the near future .

The collusion between the deep state and private companies , particularly IT companies , is nothing new . Many of the larger ‘private’ IT companies are actually ‘founded’ by deep state sponsored cut-outs using deep state money , this applies to IT companies in countries across the globe . Genuine privately owned companies are also open to large scale infiltration & infestation by the same deep state players .

The apparent links between Amazon and the CIA are also well documented , in 2013 Amazon clinched a CIA contract to host cloud computing services . In 2013 Jeff Bezos also bought the Washington Post , which also reveals deep state interests in controlling the media , again nothing new .

The big (data) picture

Big data , that is , your data , is the food for artificial intelligence systems . Amazon handles masses of data on a daily basis , that is , your data .

To create a neural network with AI capabilities , massive computing power is required . It is also no secret that Jeff Bezos & CIA front In-Q-Tel have invested heavily in quantum computing , specifically D-Wave Systems . Other organisations that have invested in D-Wave computers include Lockheed Martin along with Google (NSA) and NASA .


AI and Hybrid Warfare

It has been suggested that the D-Wave and similar quantum computing systems will revolutionize artificial intelligence . Artificial intelligence is now at the forefront of ‘defence’ research , obvious applications for AI include aerial drones and other mechanical weapons of war which could be controlled more effectively by computers .

Another less obvious use for AI is inception and analysis of ‘big data’ to preempt any potential conflict , if you can identify the precursors of conflict then in theory you should be able to nullify or redirect these to a more peaceful outcome . Obvious examples include identifying media trends or military spending patterns in a potential zone of conflict .

The above scenario could also be reversed , whereby if you can identify the precursors of conflict then you can plant these seeds of conflict in an otherwise peaceful country , thus fomenting uprising or war .


Even if you have access to ‘big data’ and are able to identify trends and patterns how could you then deploy the findings on a mass scale to foment conflict ? Do you simply garner a few influential individuals , attempt to control the media discourse , redirect web searches in a subliminal fashion to pages suiting your agenda and manipulate social media pages in a similar subliminal fashion ? All of these methods may work when pieced together with other more traditional methods , but they are not guaranteed .

When coupled with the subliminal transmission of AI powered neurological weaponry that can manipulate the consciousness of individuals or even large groups of individuals in a whole geographic area , then the results are almost guaranteed .

At least in theory .

To understand this further I have included a few excerpts from a document titled ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE FUTURE OF DEFENSE’ . The document was produced by the Netherlands based Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) which describes itself as an independent think tank . The HCSS has links to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence . The header image for the document is quite telling in itself .


“Staying closer to the current day and age – could it be that the current Russian leadership’s use of (mostly non-physical) behavioral influencing technologies (primarily targeted at their own population, but also at ‘vulnerable’ segments in our midst) heralds a more novel – and more (also cost) effective – approach to defense planning than the West, in all of its (undisputed) technological superiority, has been able to muster? And are we so satisfied with our own attempts over these past few decades to use (increasingly expensive) industrial-kinetic military capabilities to ‘stabilize’ various parts of the world where we thought our interests and/or values jeopardized?”

“Could our defense organizations start using big data and AI to become the catalysts and custodians of these broader defense and security ecosystems – not by trying to ‘command & control’ the ecosystem actors, but by stimulating, facilitating and leveraging them?”

“Could we imagine a similar trend in defense and security whereby the combination of big data, ever more powerful computational and AI-algorithmic capabilities leads to deeper insights into the (even individual) drivers of conflict and whereby AI can then also be used to nudge potential agents of conflict away from realizing their malign intentions?”

Cultocracy note :

‘behavioral influencing technologies’ = Electromagnetic neural weaponry

‘stimulating, facilitating and leveraging’ = Brainwash with electromagnetic neural weaponry

‘nudge potential agents’ = Torture & mind control with electromagnetic neural weaponry

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2 Responses to Amazon , C.I.A , Big Data & Artificial Intelligence – Future Warfare

  1. truth1 says:

    One thing for sure. With all this intelligence on us, it will be possible to know who is and who is not a Christian. No one will be able to hide any sins. And they will know who to target for intimidation and possibly make them compromise and alienate God. But even after all that, many will embrace God. The contrast in the choices (only two of them) will make it easy for some.


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello again truth1 , unfortunately the controllers will also act as God and formulate their own rules as to what is good or bad , at the moment they make the rules up as they go along . The systems that are implemented in the names of ‘national security’ and ‘law and order’ are a sophisticated form of racketeering , designed primarily for wealth distribution from us to themselves .
      What is good for them is invariably bad for us .


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