“War on Terror” – Balkanisation of the Middle East


Divide & Rule

The Turkey based Anadolu Agency recently published a map of ‘secret’ US bases in Syria , the agency is a state run international news agency :

Officially the US military bases are there to aid the Kurdish YPG (Peoples Protection Units) who are fighting I$I$ . Unofficially the reason for the bases is to carve out a US backed Kurdish area in the Middle East which borders on several other countries . According to several mainstream media reports this was always part of the plan .

The situation becomes clearer when looking at the maps below , it is obvious that the Kurds are now the premier proxy of the wider geopolitical strategy relating to the Middle East , also known as ‘The War on Terror’ . The Pentagon was apparently ‘furious’ after the map was printed online .


Syria (left) – Kurdish Middle East Areas (Right)

The situation was discussed when US president Trump recently met Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov . Officially the plan was to ‘introduce (Syrian) safe zones & expand them nationwide’ , this would further deescalate the current Middle East proxy war and prevent a full scale clash between the two powers (US & Russia) .

It has also been recently reported that the US has now put a halt to the C.I.A sponsored arms trafficking to Syria and will stop supporting the Syrian ‘rebels’ (I$I$) . Although it should be noted that deep state elements never usually take orders from politicians , it is usually the other way round . The arms trafficking programs have been in place since the commencement of the ‘War on Terror’ and the beneficiaries have been the various zombie proxy outfits collectively known in the mainstream media as I$I$ , as well as the arms manufacturers of course .

It would now seem like I$I$ has served it’s purpose as a Trojan proxy and will magically shrivel up and vanish in coming years , assuming that the I$I$ genie can now easily be put back in the bottle . One thing we can be assured of is that once in the bottle they will undergo a metamorphosis and will eventually reappear under another guise as another generic ‘Islamic terrorist group’ .

Kurdistan – The new Israel

The inception of divide and conquer plan for the Middle East was formulated in 1997 and was termed The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) . The carrot was dangled for the NeoCon controlled arms and energy corporates and they greedily & gullibly followed , as did the complicit & weak factions in the newly created coalition . Non-existent threats were created , both personal and domestic such as ‘terror attacks’ and also global , such as economic and geopolitical threats to an illusory unipolar world and financial system .

Ironically the same figures that lurk in the shadows & purport to protect national interests may just have ignited a fire that will lead to their own demise . They know that this is a distinct possibility , a plan for a backlash was always part of the plan .

The diabolical & deceptive scheme centered around W.M.D’s , despotic leaders , domestic terrorism and the wholesale compromising of the establishment in many countries of the world , including the UK . All backed by a massive propaganda campaign involving an equally compromised mainstream media .


Weapons of Mass Deception

A not so clean break up of the Middle East

In 1996 US NeoCon’s produced a document for Israeli leaders which was titled Clean Break . The report discussed real or existential ‘threats’ to Israel as a country and the relationship between Israel & the US . According to Wikipedia ‘The document advocated the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and the containment of Syria’ . The clean break document (PDF summary here) is widely thought to be the precursor of the PNAC report which formed the basis of the ‘War on Terror’ .

Some commentators have also equated the PNAC report with a 1982 report titled ‘A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties’ by Oded Yinon , also called the Yinon Plan . Oded Yinon was apparently a journalist who was connected to the Israeli Foreign Ministry , interestingly a Wikipedia entry regarding Yinon was deleted in 2016 , although it was backed up here at deletionpedia.org . An unverified copy of Yinon’s CV can also be found here at Wikileaks (document download) .

The Yinon Plan called for a divide and conquer approach towards the Middle East by the Israeli government , specifically towards Iraq & Syria . Yinon saw the fragmentation of Arabic countries in the Middle East as ‘inevitable’ and that Israeli controllers should ‘adopt an interventionist’ approach to speed up the process . The Yinon plan also called for the establishment of an autonomous Kurdish enclave within the Middle East . The end result of which would be Israeli regional dominance & the formation of a ‘Greater Israel’ , not necessarily in geographic terms but certainly in terms of influence .

The ‘Yinon Plan’ document has been translated and edited in English by Israel Shahak , retitled in this case to ‘The Zionist Plan for the Middle East’ . Shahak lived in Israel and was an Israeli academic , human rights advocate , Holocaust survivor and anti-Zionist . The advocation of equal rights for all citizens of Israel & claims of ‘anti-Zionism’ led to the inevitable claims of ‘anti-semitism’ and Shahak had predictably been labelled a ‘self hating Jew’ .

A Perfect (s**t) Storm

Was the ‘War on Terror’ a combination of Zionist-NeoCon geopolitical ambition and greedy corporate & military power ? Was it simply a ‘smash & grab’ raid for Middle East land and resources ? Were gullible Western leaders compromised by cult-like factions , religious zealots and a weak establishment , many of whom were ‘instilled’ with a unidentifiable urge pointing towards the second coming and the Rapture or the resurrection of Babylon ?

Or was it a complex web of lies , propaganda , fear , deception , corruption and death & destruction , coupled with the use of sophisticated mind manipulation systems and techniques ? A smash & grab raid not only for Middle East resources but also for totalitarian domestic control ?

Probably all of the above . A whole host of parasites , profiteers and opportunists emerged out of the woodwork and took full advantage of the chaos and confusion which was sown .

Whichever way you look at the issues regarding the Middle East there have been countless civilian deaths & untold environmental desecration , the effects of which will reverberate throughout the world for years to come . Invisible systems of control are now in place in the Western countries that rushed to join the ‘coalition of corruption’ , these ‘systems’ have been silently and subliminally implemented under ’emergency’ legislation , hard won freedoms have been lost .

The financial cost of the ‘War on Terror’ cannot be calculated , many treacherous individuals and corporations are rich , the taxpayer is poor or dead . There has been a ransacking of public funds and a shakedown of the man in the street , fraud and theft is now policy , there has been a free-for-all at the highest levels of the establishment . The financial cost is now far outweighing the potential profits , profits that in many cases never existed in the first instance .


Could all of the events of the past few decades and before , together with those described above be viewed together as a grand plan , or are they simply isolated events which in real life cause a domino effect ?

Events such as the ‘War on Terror’ , increasing surveillance , a monopoly on information , financial crashes , ‘Islamic’ terrorism , child sex abuse scandals and the rise of the military industrial complex and private corporate power to name a few , have all happened in tandem .

To quote William S. Burroughs :

“In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen”

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