BAE Systems vs Yemeni People Court Case – Establishment clears the Establishment

Yesterday the UK High Court of Justice ruled that arms exports to Saudi Arabia were lawful and that they were not used to commit war crimes , specifically regarding the ongoing conflict in Yemen .

The case was brought to court by C.A.A.T (Campaign Against Arms Trade) (claimant) and the defendant was officially the UK Secretary of State for International Trade . Unofficially the court case was B.A.E Systems -vs- Humanity , the Establishment -vs- Poor Defenceless People , Morality -vs- Immorality , War -vs- Peace , Good -vs- Evil and Greed -vs- Everybody Else .

Of course the case was a foregone conclusion and the warmongers & profiteers won the day .


The case centered around B.A.E arms exports to Saudi which have been used in by the Saudi led ‘coalition’ against Yemeni civilians & civilian infrastructure . Saudi Arabia has been involved in a protracted conflict against Houthi rebels in Yemen .

The evidence against the establishment was varied & numerous, including the following crimes :

There are many more reports of civilians being targeted , as is usual in these conflicts there are also many , many more atrocities that go unreported .


Those pesky civilians , why don’t they just duck ?

The bombing raids have inevitably led to even more death & suffering involving innocent people , including the following :


A pesky starving Yemeni child .

The evidence presented by the defence included the obligatory dodgy dossier , known in court as ‘closed material’ . As stated in court proceedings the ‘closed material’ presented by the Secretary of State far outweighed the evidence presented by C.A.A.T.

The ‘closed material’ formed the basis of the judgement which went against C.A.A.T. , although they do plan to appeal .

To quote from a transcript of the judgment :

212. Mr Chamberlain QC accepted and averred that this is not a case where the Court needs to be concerned that it is unsighted on any part of the information on which the decision was taken. He pointed out that the closed material procedure enables the Court to consider the full range of evidence before the Secretary of State. We agree.
The advantage of the closed material procedure is that we have had full access to all the facts and materials relied upon by the Secretary of State. We have considered the closed materials in our closed judgment. It is sufficient to record here that the closed material, in our view, provides valuable additional support for the conclusion that the judgements made by the Secretary of State were rational.

The ‘closed material’ was manufactured supplied by the UK $TA$I & it’s cohorts in the Saudi led coalition .


Dodgy Dossier Closed Material

Other interesting information from the court case reveals that UK establishment figures have a ‘hands on’ approach when the bombs they have sold are deployed .

To quote from a transcript of the judgment :

88. Mr Eadie QC submits that the Secretary of State’s assessment is informed by the following particular strands of information and analysis:

ii) An understanding and knowledge of Saudi Arabian military processes and procedures, including by reference to information provided by the Defence Attaché at the British Embassy in Riyadh and UK Liaison Officers located in Saudi Arabia Air Operations Centre in Riyadh. This understanding and knowledge is also informed by logistical and technical support and training provided to Saudi Arabia and engagement with the Saudi targeting process at the strategic, operational and tactical levels;

So not only do ‘they’ train the Saudi bombers but they also watch while the bombs are dropped . It puts the sadistic & voyeuristic behaviour that these people are renowned for in a whole new light .

Who needs fox hunting .

The mindset of the decision makers is driven purely by an insatiable lust for power , the lesser players are primarily driven by greed and an illusion of power or being ‘part of the gang’ . They have created an internal power system within the UK which does not answer to any form of law or morality . They create the law , they bend the law and they twist the law to parallel their own degenerate , insane minds . The mindset is contagious , it has now infected the whole of the political establishment . This is a normal for the political cycle and for politicians , who are on the whole self serving and who will always become corrupted by the illusory power they assume to wield .

No doubt there will be a falsely constructed rationale in the deluded minds of the establishment that these crimes are a necessary evil , in the larger construct of the ‘War on Terror’ . No doubt they will cite the global battle for scarce energy resources , foreign powers at the gates , WMD’s , Iranian nuclear weapons , decline of the petro dollar etc…etc…

It has always been about wealth & power .

In the past people might have been forgiven for believing their leaders , not any more . The lies and deception are part of the package , the controllers it would seem are now actually starting to believe their own lies , lies that were originally manufactured for public consumption only .

The fact is that many political & establishment players are ‘chosen’ for their positions of power purely because they have the required weakness of character , they will always bend over and say yes , often at the same time . Others are blackmailed , bribed or compromised in other fashions . This is a reality that many people choose to ignore , it is easier that way , cognitive dissonance is abundant in a modern ‘democratic’ system . More worryingly many are simply brainwashed using sophisticated techniques honed after years and years of trial and error experimentation , they simply cannot say no , they do not know how to . All will know the consequences if they ever say no . Who would place their career , pension & perhaps a well paid seat on the board of an energy or arms company against the threat of losing everything they haven’t worked hard for ? As stated earlier , most are profiled then ‘chosen’ for their respective positions , they can easily be destroyed in a most humiliating & public manner , or worse .

War is a racket , that much should be plain to see . The cash rolls in , the deep state gets ever stronger , the ‘democratic’ system grows ever weaker . Fascism has been described by some commentators as a merger of state & corporate power at the expense of the individual , it should also be noted that corporate power in the modern world means the energy companies & the vast military industrial complex , the two have always been inextricably linked together . It should also be noted that state power is increasingly being outsourced to private corporations .

As for the individual , it will always be at your expense . If you are unlucky you will be a civilian in a war zone targeted by the parasites & profiteers . If you are ‘lucky’ the warmongering & imperialism will be brought home to the domestic front and will slowly unravel as ever increasing totalitarianism & surveillance as the deep state cements it’s domestic power . Political debate and the media will be rigged to stifle any resistance to their version of ‘reality’ , public institutions will be infiltrated & manned by complicit stooges . The whole sordid system becomes an uncontrollable entity , until it eventually turns inward & feeds off itself .

Evil will always consume itself .

Regarding the higher powers , full spectrum dominance is their only goal .

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