Seven Right Whales found Dead off Canada

Cultocracy note :

Whales are amongst several species of wildlife that can be viewed as a barometer of the overall health of the Earth . 

Like many other forms of sea life whales are thought to use the Earth’s magnetic field for navigation , it therefore follows man made electromagnetic fields will affect whales .

Wildlife such as birds and bees are also thought to use magnetic fields to navigate .

Whales are also susceptible to pollutants found in the ocean , particularly plastics & toxic heavy metals .

From The Guardian

Seven right whales found dead in ‘devastating’ blow to endangered animal

Carcasses found off Canada in recent weeks in what may be biggest single die-off of one of world’s most endangered whale species, expert says .

Seven North Atlantic right whales have been found floating lifelessly in the Gulf of St Lawrence, off Canada, in recent weeks, in what is being described as a “catastrophic” blow to one of the world’s most endangered whales.

The first whale carcass was reported in early June. Within a month, another six reports came in, leaving marine biologists in the region reeling.

“It’s devastating,” said Tonya Wimmer of the Marine Animal Response Society, a charitable organisation dedicated to marine mammal conservation in the region. “This is, I think, the largest die-off they’ve ever had for this particularly species, at once.”

The global population of North Atlantic right whales – which live along the eastern seaboard of Canada and the US and can reach up to 16 metres in length – is thought to be around 525, meaning that more than 1% of the population has died in the past month. “So it is catastrophic in terms of potential impact to this population.”

Read the full article here at The Guardian

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