Theresa May Wins Golden Poodle Award


Saudi Crown Prince – “I received a similar award from the US recently”

It had to happen sooner or later , some would say it is long overdue , Theresa May was awarded her first (probably not her last) Golden Poodle award today . In fact it was awarded to “Mother Theresa” on behalf of the whole cabinet . The coveted cup was awarded after recent reports that Theresa May is sitting on a report regarding the foreign funding of UK extremists .

The award was well received by Theresa who gushed “I thank the UK public for this award , it put a smile on my face after the debacle of the election . I would also like to thank the UK $TA$I from whom I get my orders , after the election I thought they might have been ‘marching orders’ (large guffaw) . I would also like to thank the UK defence industry and their lobbyists & profiteers , particularly BAE Systems .”

A spokesperson for the UK establishment commented “After the al-Yamamah arms deal we all had an exceedingly large drink . The recent deals will buy us all a duck pond or two , I personally have ordered five”.

Well done Theresa , we are all extremely proud that you are putting profits before people , as usual .

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