EMF’s , Nano Particles & Eugenics

Cultocracy note :

There are very few governmental studies on the effects of increased electromagnetic pollution coupled with the rise in nano particle pollution in the Earth bio-system , it would seem that the information is being suppressed .

The electro smog is increasing , as is the use of nano particles . Nano particles are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and are used in non conventional military weaponry and to enhance military communications . The particles enter the human body through ingestion or inhalation , from there they can easily cross the blood brain barrier . They become a permanent fixture in your bodily system .

There is increasing use of nano particles & electromagnetic weaponry which is targeted at individuals or even whole population groups . Much of this is experimental , individual targets are often covertly poisoned with toxic doses of nano metal oxides in soft kill societal control operations . Deep state military groups use the technology for subtle suppression and control programs , more sinister groups have different agendas , including creeping depopulation & subtle psychology based and Tavistock inspired eugenics operations .

Metal oxide nano particles have a wide range of detrimental effects on human health and are a precursor to a broad spectrum of degenerative diseases . Many electromagnetic frequencies are also known to have an adverse effect on human health .

Metal oxide nano particles absorb EMF’s & increase the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation , conversely electromagnetic radiation weakens the blood brain barrier allowing particles to enter the brain . Together they form the perfect silent killer .

you-are-obsoleteAs the global population expands certain global ‘elites’ (always substitute the word elite for parasite) have taken it upon themselves to act as caretakers (undertakers) for the world , they have hijacked the military & industry to further their plans . As the battle for dwindling global resources continues apace they have decreed that the ‘useless eaters’ are destroying the Earth , when it is in fact their own evil rapacious greed & imperialist mindset that is the cause . In past history the masses were useful as cannon fodder & for slave based labour . These roles are now being filled with machines & robots , war & industry is now controlled from a computer , eventually it will be manned by a computer . The new service industries that have emerged post industrialisation will also eventually be controlled by artificial intelligence .

They think that the masses need to be ‘controlled’ , very slowly and out of sight .

The only other option for themselves is to share resources and build societies which are based on fair trade & humanist principles and respect for natural life , this is not in their vocabulary .

We are the enemy .

History has also taught them that another possible consequence of their own actions could be the guillotine & the forced requisitioning & sharing of wealth & assets .

Therefore the shout has gone out from the palace gates ‘Let them eat cake’ .

The cake this time is laced with slow kill nano technology & has been baked in a microwave .

Below are a few excerpts from a NASA document titled “Electromagnetic Field Interactions with the Human Body : Observed Effects & Theories” . It dates from 1981 although the findings are still relevant to today , perhaps more so .

It should be apparent to the acute observer that these ‘effects & theories’ have now been harnessed & form the backbone of current & future wars , in both military & societal terms .

It does not take a massive leap of the imagination to understand how deep state groups have harnessed & subverted technological research to further their own twisted aims & ideology .

As usual the keyword is control .



















Read the full NASA document at the link below :


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