Quantum satellite shatters entanglement record

By Emily Conover – Science News

Particles of light born in space have connected two cities via a quantum link about 10 times longer than any created before.

A quantum-communications satellite beamed photons to Earth, separating them by more than 1,200 kilometers. The feat showed that the particles of light can retain a strange type of interconnectedness, known as quantum entanglement, even when flung to opposite ends of a country, researchers from China report in the June 16 Science. The previous distance record was about 100 kilometers (SN: 6/30/12, p. 10). Launched in 2016, the one-of-a-kind satellite is laying the groundwork for a space-based network of quantum communication.

“It’s a huge achievement for quantum entanglement and quantum science,” says physicist Thomas Jennewein of the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Scientists have previously beamed photons up to a satellite and back again (SN Online: 6/5/16), but those particles were not entangled. Until now, no one had distributed entangled particles from space. “China is now clearly taking the world leadership in this area of quantum communication,” Jennewein says.

The technique is expected to have major technological applications. “This experiment is really important for the development of a future quantum internet,” says Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Vienna. Such a network would allow for ultrasecure communications and could connect quantum computers across the globe (SN: 10/15/16, p. 13).

An ethereal bond between two particles, entanglement is the most essential ingredient of a quantum network. Entangled particles can’t be described independently; instead, they form one unit, even when separated by large distances. Measuring one entangled particle immediately reveals the state of the other. To perform quantum communication, scientists send entangled photons from place to place. But photons can only travel so far through air or optical fibers before the material absorbs the particles, limiting the distance over which communication is possible. In the emptiness of space, however, photons can travel much farther.

Read the full article here at ScienceNews.org

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5 Responses to Quantum satellite shatters entanglement record

  1. truth1 says:

    I am not entirely convinced of “entanglement” yet. I’m not ruling it out but at this point, I can not rule out demonic influence in science, either. Take the flat earth theory as an example. Its it entanglement or is it a manifestation of demonic tampering? Hard to say for sure. but light is very unusual stuff, for sure.


  2. truth1 says:

    To be more clear, psychic abilities are manifestations of demons, as are many psychic mind reading things, dead loved ones supposedly communicating when it is really demons. Apparitions, manifestations, lots of magic tricks being done by magicians now, with the aid of demons. “Lying signs and wonder of 2 Thessalonians.


    • cultocracy says:

      Totally agree truth1 , there are definitely ‘lots of magic tricks being carried out by magicians’ , the technology is here and in use . To expand on your biblical quote : ‘they (lying signs) shall deceive the very elect’ , which probably goes a long way to explain the endemic corruption at the top .

      A further quote from http://www.midnightcry.org/pubs/books/ls&w/miraculous_lying_signs.htm
      “A lying sign or wonder could be a cleverly conceived substitute for a true sign or wonder. The lying sign not only leads astray, but it serves to confirm man in error and thus keeps him from truth that would set him free.”

      Modern technological slavery .


      • truth1 says:

        You know, it is a marvel that the USA claims to have abolished slavery when in true reality, we are more enslaved than ever before, but its all done thru money and the control of money. Imagine being taxed for making something and selling it but then you have to pay tax again when buy something with the money you made. Double taxing of the same money. Or I pay a sales tax if I sell something I once bought and then I get taxed again for selling it to someone else. Rome would so jealous of such concept.

        And I have to say, you just might be the most well researched and sensible in interpretation that I have met. I got a couple more that are quite sensible as well. But that’s 3 out of 7 billion. Where are the rest?


      • cultocracy says:

        I agree again truth1 . It would not be too bad if the money was spent wisely by our governments . Unfortunately there are now supra government entities that have systematically infiltrated ‘democratic’ systems and have a single aim which is to consolidate wealth & power in the hands of the few . It can’t last .


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